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Monthly Top 3
Free Game Slot Top 1: GOLDEN EMPIRE
Amazing 32400 paylines
Free Game Slot Top 2: AGENT ACE
Best wild symbol game
Free Game Slot Top 3: SUPER ACE
Infinity COMBO!

Best Casino Free Game Slot

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Shanghai Beauty
Casino Free Game Slot: The Happy Prince
The Happy Prince
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Casino Free Game Slot: BOOK OF DEAD
free slot game : LOBSTERMANIA
Casino Free Game Slot: Jumping Sheep
Jumping Sheep
Casino Free Game Slot: Bubble Beauty
Bubble Beauty
Casino Free Game Slot: WONKY WABBITS

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If you want to go to the best online casino in the Philippines, our team recommend HawkPlay Casino. The registration is not complicated. You can reffer this article “How to register at HawkPlay” with pictures. And then, log in to your HawkPlay account. Go to the menu, choose “Slot” will be sorted into different categories by brand, you can pick by your preference. If this is your first time playing an online slot, we recommend you to play JILI Games. The betting amount range is more flexible and they are the hottest slot brand right now, very suitable for new players.

1. Choose your slot machine, read the rules carefully.
2. You can choose the “Jackpot Slot” machine, the bonus will be different due to your budget.
3. Get a tool card by completing the daily mission.
4. If the accumulated point met the ranking, the item card and VIP are given to you.
5. Level up your membership, unlock the bonus.

How to Pick the Best Free Online Slot?

best free game online slot

There are over thousands of slot machines on HawkPlay and Nuebe Gaming. They are different by theme and brand, so how do players choose their online slot machine? Our team said that there are 2 elements to make a great slot machine.

1. Slot RTP (Return to Player)
You will definitely know what this means if you are a slot fan. RTP means “Return to player.” Is the percentage of money that a slot machine rewards back to the players. Most of the time the higher the RTP, the more benefit to the players.

The average RTP will be between 85-98%, we recommend players choose a slot with RTP over 96%. Then how do players get the information? You may google “Game name + RTP” or read our highlight article: Top 10 slot machines with the highest RTP in 2023

2. Jackpot Slot

Most of the players will choose a jackpot slot machine to play. “Jackpot” means head prize. Some percentage of every player’s budget will be accumulated into the jackpot prize. Only one player can get to the jackpot, but every player who plays the game is the candidate.

There are 3 kinds of Jackpot at HawkPlay and Nuebe Gaming. Grand Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Mini Jackpot. Find JILI in the menu. Or you can also read the review article: 2023 JILI 7 Jackpots Slot Machines

Feature of Free Game Online Casino

feature of a free online slot

The free game slot is also called the demo machine. It offers access for players to try and get to know the paylines and rules. Many online casinos has demo machine. Their advantages are these:

1. No need to register.
2. No need to download any app.
3. Not charging any fee.
4. No information of yours needs to be left.
5. SAFE and FAIR

Attention: If you want to profit, you need to register an account and deposit.

Is a Free Online Slot Safe?

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Yes, your game will always be safe. HawkPlay and Nuebe Gaming both are legal online casino site. Any of your account information is secured by 256 bit SSL to encrypt the data sent over the Internet and use data monitoring technology to ensure the security of the account.

To see if a casino is safe and fair, you can keep an eye on:
– Are there different kinds of games to play?
Only a relatively large-scale casino can cooperate with world-renowned slot brands

– Players review
Get as much information as you can from other players.

– Multiple payment methods
Online casinos should have multiple deposits and cash-out methods. And be in your account within a few days.

– Support all system
Players can play on different devices.

– Rewarding system
A good online casino will have a complete reward system. For example, Nuebe Gaming has multiple rewards for players to complete, such as daily login tasks, Jackpot prizes, and item cards.


Yes, free slot game has noting with money. Player just basically getting familiar with the game. So, if you want to profit you need to register an account.

Unfortunately, you can not. You need to register an account to profit.

Yes. They are the same in all ways besides you can not profit from a demo machine.

For all players, you can visit HawkPlay Casino. There are thousands kinds of games to play. You can either choose a demo game or real game.

Our team picked some slot for new players. They have simple rules and payline with free spin, get familiar with it easily.

Name RTP JACKPOT Highest bonus
CRAZY 777 99 v 3333X
Charge Buffalo 97.35 v 4000X
Jungle King 97.85 x 2000X
The Happy Prince N/A x 500X
Fortune Pig 96.07 x 1000X