Golden Empire Slot Features by JILI Games

Golden Empire slot by JILI Games has some amazing numbers: 32,400 paylines, 4 large wilds, 8 free spins. Seeing these numbers, players can expect this to be a game that emphasizes multiple combinations of connection elimination. Through the unique “golden frame symbol” design of Golden Empire slot game, our connection may make the entire board completely crazy and unstoppable!

The ancient Maya theme has unlimited charm, and this game is always on the list of hit slot machine by JILI Slot. Just like “Golden Empire”, you can feel the strong drum sound immediately after entering the game. Various primitive totems seem to pull the player into the tropical jungle. You will also find that the pyramids in the background will emit a slow thick fog. It is a slot game that perfectly fits the theme!

Golden Empire slot game features pic
Theme RTP% Payline Betting range
ancient Maya
₱ 1/1000
Highest bonus Volatility board Jackpot Visual effect
4 on top
6x5 down

Why You Must Play Golden Empire Slot

Golden Empire and Ancient Maya
Ancient Maya

Attractive Maya theme

Golden Empire and Special golden frame
Special golden frame

Will turn into wild symbol

Golden Empire and 8 free spins
8 free spins

4 scatter = 8
+free spin

Golden Empire and 32400 paylines
32400 paylines

Special design board up to 32400 payline

How to Play Golden Empire Slot by JILI?

A good game must have a charming story to back it up, and Golden Empire slot by JILI is no exception.

The Maya Empire was once the richest empire in the world, and it was also an exotic landscape that countless players dreamed of. Players are now invited to go back to the past and enjoy the contemporary glorious city together.

There are a lot of unboxing about the Golden Empire slot machine on the social platform they have a very high enthusiasm and evaluation of this game, and they are willing to share their victories time and time again.

The game is full of gorgeous graphics and ancient mythological symbols, such as giant birds, ancients, Maya pyramids, etc. Each odds is different. The most anticipated thing in the game should be the appearance of the golden frame symbol. As long as the golden frame symbol appears, it means that there is a chance to get more than 4 wild connections.

Reels, paylines
The board of golden empire is quite special, with exclusive design of 4, 6, 6, 6, 6, and 32,400 paylines. In addition, the game only pays the highest amount won per line. All winning points = odds X player betting amount.

Golden Frame Symbol

Golden Frame Symbol : wild to wild 4X

The golden frame symbol is a symbol that appears randomly and only appears on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels. As long as the golden frame symbol is eliminated by the combo, it will be converted into a wild symbol that can be eliminated multiple times. The symbol on the wild represents the number of times that it can be eliminated. For example, if the number is displayed as 2 or more, when the combo is eliminated, The number is reduced by 1, but the wild will not disappear until it is reset to 0.

Free game of Golden Empire Slot
Wild Symbol
Wild Symbol

In addition to the golden frame symbol, there are simple wilds in the game. Except for SCATTER, it can replace any symbol and only appear in the 2, 3, 4, and 5 reels.

Golden Empire Slot Scatter

In a normal game, as long as you get 4 scatters, you can enter the free spins with 8 rounds. For each additional scatter, you can get 2 additional rounds.

Slot Free spin
In normal games, as long as you get 4 SCATTER, you can enter the free spins.

Each more one can get 2 extra rounds. The initial cumulative multiplier is X1. As long as the elimination starts from the first time, the cumulative multiplier will increase by 1 each time it is eliminated, and the bonus for the next elimination will be multiplied by the current cumulative multiplier. And during the free spin period, the multiplier will not be reset and can be accumulated until the end of the free spin.

Free spin and get 8 free game

How to Win on Golden Empire Slot?

We understand why Golden Empire slot is one of the most popular slot machines in 2021. It has excellent graphics and symbols, a smooth game experience, a unique board, and frequent connections to eliminate the probability, which are all the reasons why we recommend you to play this slot game.

There is a very superior feature in the game, that is, after the symbol is removed from the connection, the upper hand will drop the complement symbol, and the reward will be redeemed again. This is excellent news for players: it means that you only need to bet on one spin. It is possible to win countless combo times. Unfortunately, the game does not have bonus bonuses for combo, but that’s okay. The wild function of the golden frame symbol will help us achieve unimaginable consecutive wins.

The odds in the game are relatively low, but this does not affect our strong interest in Golden Empire. All players should look forward to the continuous elimination brought by wild and collect as many golden frame symbols as possible, and free spins will bring more high multiplier bonuses.

How to win on Golden Empire Slot by JILI?

Incredibly smooth slot machine

Golden Empire slot provides a very good service to players on various mobile devices to ensure that the game can be played smoothly on all device, mobile phones, tablets and other devices system like Android, iOS. Without affecting the quality of the symbols or allowing players to enter the dilemma of unlimited buffering middle.

This is why we give Golden Empire slot the best evaluation, customer experience is always the most important. You can try it for free in HawkPlay, Nuebe Gaming, and experience the supreme gaming experience.


Currently HawkPlay and Nuebe Gaming offers thousands of the best online slot machines. Golden Empire slot  is also among them. JILI slots are connected cumulative machines. There are currently three jackpots, namely Grand Jackpot, Major Jackpot, and Mini Jackpot. Players can go to JILI Games. Find them in the menu!

Collect the golden frame symbol and get into the free spin.

First of all, you must understand all the rules and terms in different slot machine. Before using real money, you can try the demo machine to understand the characteristics of each game. You will soon know what kind of slot machine suits you.

JILI slot machine is known for its excellent RTP, high bonuses, and the most Jackpot machines. Players can easily get satisfactory bonuses and gains here.

JILI Games is a new slot machine brand that has emerged in recent years. As a leading sheep of online slot machines in Asia, it is not only visually impressive, but also has a good balance between bonuses and game systems. You can refer to those articles JILI 10 most popular online slot machines in the Philippines

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