Boxing King Slot by JILI Games

JILI Boxing King slot is a new game produced by JILI Games in 2020. It not only strengthens the visual design, doubles its sophistication, and uses smooth animation techniques to perfectly show the dynamics of boxing competitions. Not only that, JILI slot made Boxing King that showed its most unique bonus, a chance that a whole line of “full column wild symbol” will appear in the game, allowing players to easily get combo to entering the free game plus a special bonus in the game!

If you played “Street Fighter” when you were a kid, I believe you are familiar with the style of this game. There are two charecters in the game, one is the red man full of energetic atmosphere, and the other is the blue man who is rational and witty. Both sides fight to the death in a fighting boxing arena. Players must get more “Champion” wild symbol to get more bonus.

Theme RTP% Payline Betting range
Boxing game
₱ 1/1000
Highest bonus Volatility board Jackpot Visual effect

Why You Should Play Boxing King Slot?

Boxing King and Breath taking visual
Breath taking visual

Perfectly present the movie

Boxing King and Self control volatility
Self control volatility

Different level of volatility to play

Boxing King and Whole column wild symbol
Whole column wild symbol

Appear randomly
Get combo easier

Boxing King and RTP 97.64%
RTP 97.64%

Higher RTP than average

How to Play Boxing King Slot by JILI?

In Boxing Kong slot game, “Welcome to the fight!” is what you heard when you enter the game. Here, players are all boxers and ready to fight, are you ready to show off? When our team demoed this game, they were completely amazed by the atmosphere of Boxing King slot. Not only the animation performance of the red and blue duel, but also the sound and light effects of the successful connection, are well done performances. On the one hand, you will never be disappointed by this is the hottest game we have ever seen.

In addition, the most anticipated part of the game is generally considered to be free games and random full-volume wilds. As long as you enter the free game, you can get bonus multipliers for consecutive eliminations. Boxing King’s full-volume 100 Riding also makes it easier to eliminate connections.

If you look closely, JILI Slots will display the volatility directly on the right side of the game chart, represented by chili. Usually the volatility is fixed, but Boxing King allows players to adjust by themselves. This is a very rare design, meaning The player’s degree of freedom is higher.

Reels, Paylines
Boxing King has a typical 5X5 board and contains 88 ways to win. The payline of all symbols must be viewed “from left to right.” The rule of winning points = odds X players bet amount, only he highest amount payline count.

Free game

Boxing King slot: free game mode

As long as you get at least 3 scatter, you can enter the free game after interesting fighting scence. There are several tips in the free game to help players win the more bonus:

Free game-Combo Multiplier

Free game-Combo Multiplier

1. Combo Multiplier will be displayed as “X2, X3, X5, X6, X8.”

2. After each match is eliminated, the winning points will be multiplied by the current value on the Combo Multiplier.
In the same round, after the “second elimination” matches the prize, the multiplier of the winning points is calculated from X2.
In the same round, after the “Third Time Elimination” matches the prize, the winning points are increased to X3.
In the same round, after the “fourth elimination” match the prize, the winning points will be increased to X5.
In the same round, after the “Fifth Elimination” match, the winning points are increased to X6.
In the same round, after the “Sixth Elimination” match, the winning points will be promoted to the highest level X8!

3. When it cannot be eliminated, the Combo Multiplier will return to the first order X2 and perform the next rotation.

Free game & Free Spin

Free game & Free Spin
In a free game, only one free spin will appear in a round, and maximum is five.
When you get the boxing bell free spin, it will not be eliminated, and will remain on the board and continue to accumulate until it cannot be eliminated, and additional free game rounds can be obtained according to the accumulated number, until the number is recalculated in the next round.

Wild symbol

Wild symbol

Boxing King slot with Full Wild symbol

Boxing King’s wild symbol is a championship belt. Normal games only appear in rounds 3~4, while free games appear in rounds 2~5, and there is a chance to appear in full column wild. In addition to scatter symbols and free spin in the game, it can replace any Symbol.

boxing king slot: Scatter

This super passionate and eye-catching SCATTER, as long as there are more than 3 arbitrarily appear on the field, you can enter the free game, and all winning points = the player’s bet amount X2.
Just get 3 SCATTER and get 8 free games.
Just get 4 SCATTER and get 12 free games.
Just get 5 SCATTER and get 20 free games.

How to Win JILI Boxing King Slot Easily?

Since Boxing King’s free game has a considerable advantage in winning, its design and the difficulty of winning are great. It’s simple and powerful Wild system and Combo Multiplier mode provide a lot of chances of victory and become famous. It is recommended to players Enter the free game to get more generous rewards.

Boxing King is also quite suitable for players of various budgets. The game provides bet range from 1~1000 Pesos, which means that the game is suitable for everyone.

Players can adjust the volatility rate strategy according to different fund ratios. We know that high volatility means that it takes longer to bet, but you may get better rewards; low volatility allows you to win frequently, but The reward is low. Boxing King allows players to change the volatility anytime, anywhere, and provides players with more opportunities to win big prizes.

Play Boxing King Slot on Anything You Get

You can play our game smoothly on any device you get. It is conviencent amd you can play immediately with no fee on Hawkplay or Nuebe Gaming. The demo on our site is always free. If you have any question, please click the customer service button at the down right corner, there are someone for you 24/7.


Currently Hawkplay or Nuebe Gaming offers thousands of the best online slot machines. Boxing King is also among them. JILI online slots are connected cumulative machines. There are currently three jackpots, namely Grand Jackpot, Major Jackpot, and Mini Jackpot. Players can go to JILI Games. Find them in the menu!

Don’t miss the free games of Boxing King slot. You will encounter many full column wilds, free spins that increase the number of rounds, and multiplier bonuses for consecutive eliminations. As long as the number of rounds is more, the cumulative bonus will be higher.

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First of all, you must understand all the rules and terms in different slot machine. Before using real money, you can try the demo machine to understand the characteristics of each game. You will soon know what kind of slot machine suits you.

JILI Games is a new online slot brand that has emerged in recent years. As a leading sheep of online slot machines in Asia, it is not only visually impressive, but also has a good balance between bonuses and game systems. You can refer to those articles Top 10 JILI Slot Game Or view more on