Review Jungle King JILI Online Slot Game

Among all the online slot machines in the Philippines, the JILI Games is the most exquisite and beautiful in terms of visual processing. Like this theme adapted — Jungle King slot from the movie “King Kong”, its game screen can be said to have reached its peak. You have never seen such a slot machine with shocking sound and light effects. game!

In addition to the amazing visual design, diverse winning combinations are also the main reason why players are addicted. You can collect silver star currency to randomly transfer various symbols, and you can also collect 3 Scatters to enter free spins. Jungle King will climb up to skyscrapers to shoot down planes, bonuses and free spins can be added to 3 planes. The gameplay is quite diverse. It is currently the hottest movie-themed online slot in the Philippines.

Jungle King slot by JILI Slot
Theme RTP% Payline Betting range
Movie "King Kong"
₱ 1/1000
Highest bonus Volatility board Jackpot Visual effect

Four Reasons Why You Must Play Jungle King Slot

Jungle King and Visual king

Visual king
Perfectly present the movie

Jungle King and Winning combination

Winning combination
Many chance to win

Jungle King and Free spins

Free spins
3 plane full = more bonus and free spin

Jungle King and RTP 97.85%

RTP 97.85%
Higher RTP than average

How to Play Jungle King Slot?

The player must understand which symbols are the most valuable. In Jungle King slot, in addition to the mysterious symbol and Scatter, the wild symbol of Gorilla is the most eye-catching overall. In addition to the highest odds, it can replace any symbol in the game.

Our team found that Jungle King is a game that is definitely worth trying. It not only provides movie lovers with an excellent gaming experience, but also gains support and attention from players in terms of bonuses of the game.

How to play Jungle King slot by JILI slot?

Reels, paylines
The board of Jungle King is 5×4, with a total of 50 paylines, which is considered a standard design for slot machines. All winning points = odds X (player bet/50), and only pays the highest win for each line amount.

mysterious symbol

mysterious symbol
Just like a silver-purple orangutan coin, this symbol will appear in normal games, that is, free spins:
1. Obtain mysterious symbols, which can be randomly transferred to any symbol.
2. The mysterious symbol itself does not have any odds.

Scatter 1


At most one Scatter will appear in each round, so there will be up to 5. As long as there are 3 or more Scatters on the field, it will enter the free spins, but will not appear in the free spins.

Scatter 1

free spins X1, the number of aircraft reaches the standard, the multiplier of the next stage +1

Scatter 1

free spins X2, the number of aircraft reaches the standard, the multiplier for the next stage +2

Scatter 1

free spin X3, the number of aircraft reaches the standard, the next stage multiplier +3

Free Spin

Jungle King slot's free spins

Once you have collected 3 Scatters, you will enter the free spins. The player’s goal is to make King Kong shoot down the plane.

1. Free spin for a fixed 8 rounds, when King Kong attacks, 1~3will be randomly obtained after being destroyed

2. Collect 3in total, increase the bonus multiplier, and get an extra round of free spins!

3. The winning club will be multiplied by the current accumulated multiplier.

4. The amountobtained in the general game will affect the initial multiplier value of free spins.

Jungle King slot Wild Symbol

The WILD symbol in the game, in addition to Scatter and mysterious symbols, can replace any symbol.

How to Win Jungle King Slot by JILI?

It can be seen that JILI Games design on Jungle King slot is very careful. Regardless of Jackpot, 2000 times jackpot, reel, and volatility, the balance is very good, which means that players do not need to make extreme bets and invest time. You can get great fun and profit from it.

Taking into account the features that are easy for all players to play, the bonus system of JILI online slot has always been simple, and each game has its biggest feature. The biggest advantage of Jungle King is free spins. It has some impressive bonuses and gameplay.

How to win Jungle King by JILI?

Play Jungle King Slot from Online Casino

Players can play the Jungle King slot game smoothly on all mobile phones, Android and iOS or PC and tablet devices. It is easy to be use and can immediately enter the game without any fees. You can play for free demo at best online casino likes HawkPlay or Nuebe Gaming For the demo game, you can click the customer service button in the lower right corner at any time if you have any questions, there is a friendly and beautiful real customer service for you.


Slot volatility represents the frequency and amount of money the player wins in a game. The higher the volatility, the lower the frequency of winning, but the higher the bonus, the lower the volatility, the higher the frequency of winning, but the lower the bonus.

JILI slot machine is known for its excellent RTP, high bonuses, and the most Jackpot machines. Players can easily get satisfactory bonuses and gains here.

In a free game, as King Kong shoots down more planes, the player’s chances of victory are higher. It is recommended to use a moderate amount of betting as much as possible to extend the playing time and enter the free game as much as possible.

First of all, you must understand all the rules and terms in different online slot machine. Before using real money, you can try the demo slot understand the characteristics of each game. You will soon know what kind of slot suits you.