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Hawkplay is a legal online casino in the Philippines. We have a team of experienced experts, dedicated and knowledgeable supervisor, unique brand style and thousands of casino games. You can find the top resources and tools here!

In addition, we provide up to 45% commission share, and give the initial weekly payment discount, anyone can easily earn huge profits! If you want to be your own boss, get rid of the shackles of routine, freely arrange your schedule, career opportunities like Hawkplay agents may be just what you want. We are recruiting you who have the courage to succeed, and let us help you realize your dream of financial independent.

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“In those competitions of online casino market, we can still proudly say that we provide members with the most preferential bonus and support. There is no worry about the future, your effort will eventually pay off!”

CEO of Hawkplay casino
—- Seth Mulligan, CEO of HAWKPLAY.

Why you should become a Hawkplay agent?

You may have referred to many online casinos, but Hawkplay has high profits and offers that you can’t see in other casinos. Not only that, no matter what your reason of join is, from have connections, large networks, or want to start from scratch for the first thoughts, you are welcome to talk with us and give yourself a chance to get a ticket to your dream future.

No requirement
Opportunity to Have Great Income

How to join a Hawkplay online casino agent?

You are very welcome to join Hawkplay casino. To become an agent, you can register as a member at Hawkplay first and click the Live Chat button at the lower right corner to contact the customer service. After understanding your statements and needs, we will guide you step by step to become a professional agent. The process free! If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, and we are happy to help you solve all problems.

Hawkplay online casino commission description

We will give you an immediate return on the effort you put in! Hawkplay’s transparent casino’s commission system is divided into four levels of profit-sharing commissions. Agents can gradually complete their goals with the time and effort invested. As long as the specified amount and number of people are reached, they will be paid immediately, without worrying about spending a lot of time. In order to get your reward.

Hawkplay online casino commission description table

Agency commission = net loss of offline players x commission ratio of the current month, and needs to meet the minimum standard for active players of the current month. The commission starts from 30% to a maximum of 45%.

But if the net loss is negative, then the commission for the current month is zero. Don’t worry, all negative profits will be attributed to the company, and you don’t need to bear or pay for losses.

At the same time, we support the income and payment wallets of more than 20 banks in the Philippines and GCash, and Hawkplay supports the initial commission payment on a weekly basis, so that you can get a sense of accomplishment from the start and easily get the reward you deserve. We hope that both of us are building relationships on a good sense of trust.

Join Hawkplay Casino, 4 reasons to trust us

If you are the kind of person consider more before making a decision, you must keep in mind the following advantages of Hawkplay. We sincerely invite agents to get to know and agree with us before our further cooperation:

1. Online casinos legally in the Philippines
Our platform has been licensed and certified by the game supplier. This is the basic cooperation condition. You can start your business stress less.

2. The most transparent commission system
A nice casino should have a clear commission system, so as to avoid misunderstandings under the unequal status of the two sides, which is the main reason for the failure to cooperate smoothly. In Hawkplay, you don’t have to worry about these things happening.

3. Anyone is welcome to join!
If you just want to add additional passive income, we will provide an invitation code for basic agents, allowing you to earn commissions through the introducer. Hawkplay can be customized, and provide corresponding systems and bonuses. We welcome anyone to join Hawkplay!

4. We are your backing and do not have to bear any losses
We know that the initial operation is not easy. After the agent joins, there is no need to pay any fees. If the operating cost is negative, the company will bear it. Hawkplay is your best backing.

Hawkplay gives out exclusive special offers!

This is a discount only available to partners who are reading right now. We know the difficulties of starting a business, and Hawkplay wants to help you more. After discussing with experts, we have drawn up the following two exclusive discount programs. You can’t even find a discount like this in the Philippines:

1. No deposit
If you have asked other online casinos, most of them will ask their partners to pay a certain amount as a deposit for further cooperation. But Hawkplay rejects such an approach. We believe that the two parties can only go further if they trust each other.

2. No bank transfer fees
Commissions are rewards earned by partners. The commissions promised to be paid to agents, no matter how small the amount, will not be taken away. As long as you connect to a bank supported by the Philippines, no transfer fees will be asked.

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