What are the advantages of being an agent of Nuebe Gaming

Nuebe Gaming is a legal online casino in Philippines. We provide you high commission special offer, which is over those provided in this field. Nuebe Gaming has experienced client management specialists, top high-quality gambling products, and all resources and tools to help you earn a bundle of money.
In the many online casinos on the market, we are proud that we can provide the most favorable reward for our members and give our agents the most beneficial profit reward. No matter you own internet resources or know peoples, we welcome you to join us. No need to pay any fee, you can earn limitless income once you join us!

How to become an agent of Nuebe Gaming

Commission description of Nuebe Gaming

Agency commission = Net loss of offline players x commission ratio of the month (need to meet the standard of having the least active players of that month), up to 45%
If the net loss of the players of that month is negative number, then the commission will be zero that month. All negative profit will be on the company, so you don’t need to pay for the loss.
We also provide you some convenient services. You don’t need to enroll as an online casino member. Just contact our customer service on the website to join our agent plan.
The gain and pay wallet is supported by over twenty banks and GCash in Philippines. Considering that Filipinos were used to be paid by week, our commission in the first period can be conducted in weeks, which allows all agents to get the commission they earn easily and gain trust toward us.

Nuebe Gaming think more for our business partners

It is hard to set up a business, and we know the difficulties you encounter at the beginning. In order to support our partners and avoid risks our partners may face, Nuebe Gaming especially gives the following two offers, and you may not see another generous offer like this in Philippines markets.

1.No deposit

Comparing to other online casinos that ask their partners to pay the certain amount of deposit first, Nuebe deny this method. We believe that only we trust each other can our business go further and longer.

2.No cost of bank transferring fee

The commission is the reward that our agents earned, so we won’t take your profits. As long as you link to the banks which are supported in Philippines, there won’t be any bank transferring fee cost.

We’re recruiting people who dare to challenge like you !!

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