HawkPlay sign-in bonus ₱500!

Congratulations on the new opening of HawkPlay Casino. All new registered members who log in ten consecutive days will receive a ₱500 bonus!

If you are professional, then you should know that such a discount is very rare in online casinos. Do not miss the excellent opportunity provided. You can only get it during the curtain time. If you miss it, it won’t come back.

Not long after HawkPlay opened, it is currently the hottest online casino in the Philippines. Especially under the influence of Covid-19, people must continue to maintain social distance. Therefore, online casinos have become a global trend, and this excellent online casino is not afraid of the epidemic. Hit, specially selected during the grand opening period, I want to cheer for all players in the Philippines, so this unprecedented sign-in bonus is given to you who came here.

HawkPlay registration bonus guide

During curtain time, you can log in every day to get the bonus.
HawkPlay let players play games for free every day! As long as you log in continuously during the opening period, you can get bonuses ranging from ₱10 to ₱200, up to ₱500!

You can use these free bonus rewards to play slot machines, fishing machines, board games, etc. With great luck, you may get double money through these free bets! It’s not difficult to get rewards as long as you log in in just 10 seconds. Such a rare opportunity is only held during the opening of HawkPlay. Players must seize the opportunity!

Continuous date Daily offer Plus Total
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 10
Day 30
Day 60

How do I register at HawkPlay?

HawkPlay is a legal online casino in the Philippines. Players can enjoy the fun of thousands of games, such as fish machines, slot machines, live dealer, sports betting, card games, etc. The types of games are very diverse. It can be said that as long as you become a member in HawkPlay, it can meet needs of all players.

Step1:Go to our official website and click the register button on the top right.

Step2:Fill in the account password, if there is a recommendation code, you can fill it in as well.

Step3:After checking “Agree to Terms of Service”, press Register, it does not take a minute to complete.

Step4:Add our official Telegram to contacts, feel free to ask our customer service if you have any questions

Step5:Join our official Facebook to be updated of the latest news.

Step6:Enjoy perfect and fast real customer service.

Done! Start to experience a variety of online casino games!

Play HawkPlay Casino on all mobile devices

There is no need any download at HawkPlay. Players can use devices such as mobile phones, PCs, tablets, etc. to play anytime, anywhere, at any place. They have considerable advantages in terms of mobility and privacy, as long as they can connect to the Internet. You can play an exciting and interesting games and earn extra money to create passive income. You will find that using this fun entertainment method to get money is quite attractive.


Players can find our carefully selected fish machines, slot machines, live dealers, sports bettings, board games, eSport. HawkPlay covering thousands of different casino games for you to choose from.

Yes, after you register as a member, you can store your real money budget and start the game. The process is quite simple and smooth!

During the curtain time, HawkPlay will provide an exclusive sign-in gift. Players only need to register as a new member and log in for 60 consecutive days to receive a reward of ₱500.

As a casino expert with many years in the casino industry, HawkPlay provides the safest online casino. It is not only a legal casino in the Philippines, but also undergoes a strict review process to ensure any rights and interests of players. The website is absolutely fair, safe and easy to operate. Feel free to play here.