HawkPlay Free APK Download

In HawkPlay, you only need to download APK or APP for once and you can play thousands game including slot machine, online fish game, baccarat, roulette, poker and all card games, FREE! No fee will be charge, you can enjoy the most interesting games in the Philippines.

HawkPlay is few of the legal online casino here in the Philippines, and also support download APK to mobile for Android/iOS, many players use their leisure time to earn other profit besides their job income, this is new type of work from home going viral in the Philippines.

How to Download HawkPlay APK?

You can enjoy top class online casino with simple 4 steps to download APK and only takes you 3 minute. No need to fly to Las Vegas, HawkPlay will meet all of your needs.

How to download HawkPlay APK by 4 steps
How to download HawkPlay APK on mobile by 4 steps

Step 1: Visit HawkPlay official site
Step 2: Scan QR code for free download (both available for Android and iOS)
Step 3: Enter the app after installed, click the Log in/ Register button, spend 30 second to be our member.
Step4: Your done! Log in daily to get new member bonus, play all of the game free!

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HawkPlay Top 6 Recommended Casino Games

HawkPlay Casino has quite a variety of game types, among which the most basic game types are as follows:

Machine games: like slot machines, fish games, fruit bowls, stacks of gold coins, etc., there are all casino games you can imagine. You don’t have to go to Las Vegas in person to enjoy them in HawkPlay.
Poker games: Like the most classic baccarat, dragon and tiger, big two, blackjack, players can choose familiar poker games and have an online live game with live dealers.
Board games: dice games, roulette, bingo, these simple, fun table games, all players can play easily.
Thousands of games on HawkPlay are carefully selected by our expert team to make sure the best quality and most popular game consoles. If you don’t know where to play, you can follow our hit game recommendations below and enter this fascinated gaming world.

Jili game - Boxing King
Android、iOS / slot / boxing

Boxing King

This is a very passionate boxing battle slot machine game. Players can use the slot machine to connect successfully, allowing the red and blue boxing men to conduct a fierce offensive and defensive battle. As the number of duels increases, players can get more rewards.

🎮  Played:582654  ❤️  Like:263079

Slot game - Solar Temple
Android、iOS / slot / Ancient

Solar Temple

This slot game with the tropical rainforest of Central America as the background is absolutely impressive! The gorgeous and exquisite game interface, and the reward mechanism of up to 20,000 times the jackpot, made him an unprecedented high review! We believe this is one of the most recommended games.

🎮  Played:623302  ❤️  Like:586254

Jili game - Dinosaur Tycoon
Android、iOS / Fishing / dinosaur

Dinosaur Tycoon

Although this is a fishing machine, we are fishing for dinosaurs this time!
Players can use various weapons to capture the dinosaurs in the fish pond, including stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus, pterodactyl, and the ancient Tyrannosaurus BOSS. You can invite friends to join the battle and capture more dragons to get more bonuses!

🎮   Played:402589  ❤️  Like:222450

JDB Fishing - Cai Shen Fishing
Android、iOS / Fishing / God of wealth

Cai Shen Fishing

Grab the spoon when God of Wealth appears and collect all red envelopes!
This is a classic fishing game. Players must shoot as many fish as possible in their turrets to collect gold coins. God of Wealth will appear in the fish pond from time to time and give out more red envelopes and gold coins. It’s now to strike the gold!

🎮   Played:365429  ❤️  Like:102688

Android、iOS / board game / card game


Blackjack is a classic card game with fairly simple rules but highly level of strategic. Its history can be traced back to France in the 1760s and has now become a world-renowned casino game. Due to the low odds, many players regard it as an introductory card game, and everyone should play Blackjack!

🎮  Played:165429  ❤️  Like:99542

Android、iOS / board game / dice


You can also play exclusive games with quite exotic characteristics in HawkPlay. Fish-Prawn-Crab game, originating from southern China, there are three dice, three sides of different patterns, colors and points. Players can guess the result of the roll to place a bet. A very rare dice game.

🎮  Played:125529  ❤️  Like:50002

HawkPlay novice login event, free up to ₱500!

During the opening period of HawkPlay, new registered members will be offered a ₱500 bonus. Register for 7 consecutive days to get ₱100, and then get ₱100 for 10 consecutive days. Up to 60 days, you can get up to ₱500 for novice bonuses.

Players are better to get this free ₱500 bonus before the opening event expires, because new members can use these amounts to play any game. If you are lucky, you can win the game and get another money to extend the free play. In the time, you will find how pleasant it is to make money while playing games.


Joining HawkPlay is absolutely free. You can play any game with the bonus money. Once you get a positive experience and decide to bet with real money, you can refer to this article How to register at HawkPlay online casino The article will teach you how to deposit money to enjoy more games.

HawkPlay is one of the few legal online casinos in the Philippines. You can play any game here with no doubt. The website uses 256-bit SSL encrypted port transmission and uses confidential storage space. Your information will be safe. If it is not convenient for players to download, you can also play directly on the web, and the security levels are all at the highest.

Such as general mobile phones, desktop computers, tablet computers, etc., you can directly download the HawkPlay APK to play the game.

You can download the exclusive APK from the HawkPlay official website and play thousands of games without any handling fees.

In addition to HawkPlay, we also recommend Nuebe Gaming. Both of them are also legal casinos in the Philippines. Deposits and withdrawals are very fast. Players can play at any place and any time! Nuebe Gaming has a completely different game from HawkPlay. You can choose your favorite casino after visiting both of them.