Get to know Fish Prawn Crab before you bet online

Fish Prawn Crab is also called Hoo Hey How, it was originally from South China. The game was popular among the folks because of the simple rules, it also allows more people to join at the same time, so it becomes a must when gathering during New Year. Three dice are used in the game, similar to Sic Bo but the dice number are represented by fish, prawn, crab, chicken, gourd, and money (Some used tiger as well.) It integrates folk customs and culture and makes the game another kind of cultural heritage. Although it was a classic game in China and Vietnam, players in the Philippines does not get a chance to take a closer look until now. Big thanks to Nuebe Gaming’s foresight and generous introduction of the game to the Philippines. Next, follow our steps and read on, we will selflessly provide an expert guide to lead you through the gameplay and rules.

What is Fish Prawn Crab and how to play to win this game

Fish Prawn Crab Betting Rules

When the game starts, you get 15 seconds to place your bet, and then the dealer will roll the dice in the bow, the way to win this game is to guess the dice symbol right! A total of three dice will have 18 sides, 6 symbols and the expending 17 betting choices. We will carefully introduce the rules down below.

Fish Prawn Crab Symbol Means and How it Counts as Point

The difference with Sic Bo is that the dice number becomes the symbol of fish, prawn, crab, tiger, gourd, and chicken.

1 point= fish (red)
2 points= prawn (green)
3 points= gourd (blue)
4 points= tiger (blue)
5 points= crab (green)
6 points= chicken (red)

Playing Species

Fish Prawn Crab - Playing Species

For each odds, please refer to the attached chart. The following is an explanation of the terms of Playing Species.

Bet on Big: Total score 11 to 17 (inclusive) with the exception of a triple.
Bet on Small: Total score 4 to 10 (inclusive) with the exception of a triple.
Bet on Single Dice: Specific number (1~6) appears on one dice.
Dice Combinations: Specific numbers (1~6) appear on two dice.
Three Single Number Combination: Specific numbers (1~6) appears on all dice.
Single Color: 1 dice is the specific same color.
Double Color: 2 dice are in specific same color.
Triple Color: All dice are in specific same color.
Random Color: All dice are in same color.
Specific Alls: All dice are in specific same symbol.
Any Triple or Alls: All dice are in the same symbol.
Bet on 4 or 7: In a total of 4 or 7.
Bet on 5 or 16: In a total of 5 or 16.
Bet on 6 or 15: In a total of 6 or 15.
Bet on 7 or 14: In a total of 7 or 14.
Bet on 8 or 13: In a total of 8 or 13.
Bet on 9 10 11 12: In a total of 9, 10,11 or 12.

Play Fish Prawn Crab to Win

The game uses 3 dice with symbols of fish, prawn, crab, gourd, chicken, and tiger instead of points. At the start of a new round, the betting start counting down and players can place bets according to their guesses. After the countdown is over, the the dealer rolls the dice again. After the dice cup is stopped, the dealer will look at the symbols drawn by the three dice and enter the result, and the screen will show it up. The player can see whether the winning bet and the odds are the same as the player’s bet. It is important to note that when the dice cup opens, if the dice leaned against the edge, causing the slanted dice, stacking dice, or opening the cover to touch the dice, all bets on this round will be canceled consider to fairness.
It takes about 30 seconds to play one game, which is very compact and exciting. If the player misses a game carelessly, don’t be discouraged. The next game will likely be your Big Win!

How to Skill Fish Prawn Crab?

If you want to make wealth from Fish Prawn Crab (Hoo Hey How) We recommend that you can take a careful look at these 4 tips which are from excellent players’ experience.

1. Know the game and the rules clearly before you play.
2. Set the goal, do not be greedy. If you lose over 1.5 times of what you except, stop the game right away, luck is just not on your side that day.
3. Chose a hall that fits your budget, do not hold any risk.
4. If unfortunately, you can’t win, add the money lost on to the next bet until you win (this is more suitable for those who has a big budget.)

Play Fish Prawn Crab at Online Casino

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