Dragon Tiger: A hot poker game from Kingmaker

Baccarat is no doubt the hottest poker game nowadays. However, when talking to online poker games, our team wants to introduce another simple game to players in Philippines. The game is Dragon Tiger, which is similar to Baccarat. The winning of the game will depends on one card. You can freely bet on Dragon, Tiger or Tie, and the one which has most points wins. It is a fast-pace game, easy to play and easy to earn money. Dragon Tiger is suitable for players who enjoys exciting moments. At the same time, it is such an addictive game that will surely increase your pulse.

Rules of Dragon Tiger Game

The rules of Dragon Tiger is very simple. You will surely catch the skills after we show you how to play the game. First, The Dealer will use 5 to 6 deck of cards and then distribute them to Dragon and Tiger, each side get a card. When the card is uncovered, the one that gets bigger points on the card is the winner. At the same time, the winner can get the relevant prize money. This also means that like the game Blackjack, you need to carefully memorize the times that a poker point is shown in this game.

How does Dragon Tiger score?

The pointing rule of a single card is based on the point calculating system in poker games like Baccarat. The number is related to the point on the card, such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, as well as the special cards below:
A as 1 point
J as 11 points
Q as 12 points
K as 13 points, which owes the highest score in the game.

Rules of Dragon Tiger

Techniques of placing a bet on Dragon Tiger

Its style and gaming rules are alike to those of Baccarat.
Therefore, you can use all same types of Roadmap.
Skills about betting on an odd number: There are 52 cards in a deck of card, in which there is four more odd number cards than even number cards. When playing Dragon Tiger, the bookmaker uses 5 to 6 deck of cards. That is to say, there will be at least 20 or more odd cards than even cards. According to math calculation, it is more possible that an odd number card appear. To gain good consequences, you should combine the following card counting techniques:

Whenever an even number appears, plus one point. Whenever an odd number appears, minus one point. For example:
** Add one point when the first card is point 2 or other even numbers. Add another one point when the card is point 4 or other even numbers. Now there will be 2 points.
** Minus a point when the third card is point 7 or other odd numbers and continue the calculation. When the score is 10 points or more, then you can bet on odd numbers instantly.

Many people think that the odds on ODD is only 0.90%. But compare to the rate of winning prizes, this investment is very worth the while. Most importantly, there will be a random system in Kingmaker’s most games. You can level up the prize money to twice so that you will not only get the 0.90% of prize money but will also have the chance to earn double or more.

Dragon Road: It is a form of continuing winning. For example, in the last five rounds, the winner are all on Tiger. Most players must assume that it must change to Dragon in the next round because Tiger has been winning many times in a roll. Nonetheless, this is actually a very incorrect thought. This situation is very close to Dragon Road form, which means there will appear many winnings in a side continuously. The highest record for now is 17 times, so when encountering the sequel winning of 5 times or more in one side, you should continue bet on that side until the Dragon Road form was stopped.

Ping Pong Road: It is a form of turning between winning and losing, such as Tiger, Dragon, Tiger, Dragon, Tiger, Dragon. When it comes to this kind of consequence, in the following rounds you can take turns betting on each side.

The three Roadmaps are often-used skills in Baccarat games. They are seen as techniques that are easy to use. And those top player in the world all like to use these techniques.

How to play Kingmaker’s Dragon Tiger? What are the odds?

Another thing you need to know is the game odds of Dragon Tiger or Pay Table.
Before placing bets, you must understand these things to help yourself rationally evaluate the risks and gains in a gambling. Because this game was created and made by different suppliers, the following information is only suitable for Kingmaker.
If you bet on Tiger and the score of Tiger is higher than Dragon, the then odds is 1:1
If you bet on Dragon and the score of Dragon is higher than Tiger, then the odds is 1:1.
It means 100 piso will become 200 piso if you bet on the right side.

If each side has the same points, in this circumstance, the bets will be lost a half no matter how much bets you have placed.
If you bet on Tie, the odds will be 1:10.
If you bet on ODD, the odds will be 1:9.
If you bet on EVEN, the odds will be 1:1:2.
If you bet on Red, the odds will be 1:1.
If you bet on Black, the odds will be 1:1.

When a deck of cards has been used over 50 cards, then it is not allowed to bet on ODD, EVEN, Black or Red. The reason is that players can win the game easily by counting the cards.
In one game, you can place several bets at the same time, so you can collaborate the bets with other combinations you chose.

How to play Kingmaker’s Dragon Tiger? What are the odds?

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