Super Ace Slot game Features & Overview

Hit the payline non-stop is every players’ dream! JILI Super Ace slot is the game that can make it come true. Every declared symbol will be replaced and repaired right away, when the “golden poker” wins, it will change into the wild in the same place, getting more combos will lead to higher multipliers.

The free game is easier to reach in JILI slot machine – Super Ace, collect 3 scatter and you are able to enter the free game and the combo chance is 2x than usual. The background music is also relaxing and delightful, making Super Ace slot one of the popular JILI slot game

Theme RTP% Payline Betting range
₱ 1/1000
Highest bonus Volatility board Jackpot Visual effect

Why You Must Play Super Ace Slot

Bao Boon Chin Slot and Great theme
Smooth experience

Smooth and not janky

Bao Boon Chin Slot and Infinity free spins
10+ free games

More free games

Bao Boon Chin Slot and Wild symbol
Golden poker

Poker will change into wild

Bao Boon Chin Slot and RTP 98.62%

Accumulation jackpot

How to Play Super Ace Slot on Demo?

In Super Ace demo slot, the special “golden poker” functions as an average symbol, but when you hit the payline, it will change into wild in the same place, wild symbol will change into “small joker wild” or “big joker wild” randomly to increase combo chance. The smooth combo clear will give you a great player experience, there will be no janky lacking happen!

Reel, Payline
5×3 board, 1024 paylines. All symbols that hit the combo will be directly repaired until they can not hit the combo. From the very left, 3 same symbols can hit the payline, your point=bet amount x payline x odds.

Golden Poker pictureGolden Poker

The special symbol “golden poker” will only appear in 2nd 3rd 4th. When it hit a payline it will flip into wild.

Joker Wild pictureJoker Wild

1. Clear the “golden poker” and it will appear.

2. It can replace anything besides scatter. It is in 2 different kinds, big and small.

3. When “big joker wild” appear, your combo will all turn into it, but only “golden poker” will turn into “small joker wild.”

Combo multiplier pictureCombo multiplier

In the games, it will display as x1, x2, x3, x5. As long as the number of the combo is reached, the winning points will be multiplied.

1. Each spin of the combo will be counted from x1

2. Combo twice to increase the multiplier x2

3. Combo triple to increase the multiplier x3

4. Combo 4 times to increase the multiplier x5

5. Until it can no longer be eliminated, the multiplier will return to x1, and the go no next spin.

Combo multiplier X2 to X10

Free Spin

1. Collect 3 scatter iconto enter the free spin, there are 10+ spins.

2. In the free spin, combo multiplier is 2x than usual, as 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x.

3. Get 3 more scatter icon will trigger 5 more spins, accumulate available.

free game in Super Ace

How to Win Super Ace Slot?

Super Ace slot by JILI Games is a game that allows players to enjoy infinity combos. As long as the “golden poker” are eliminated, there are more COMBO chances. Although the odds are lower in the game, the possible five-fold bonus is quite attractive.

The highest odds in the game is ACE Spades, followed by King, Queen, Soldier, Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Club, just like general poker, as long as the position of the gold poker is matching well, entering free spins starts with 10 +rounds! Never the less, the combo multiplier work twice, which is a chance players must strive for.

get win in Super Ace

Play Super Ace Slot on Mobile

The straight design of Super Ace slot is very suitable for mobile device. If you like to play slot machines relaxing, Super Ace is your choice. No matter what kind of device you are holding, you can play a game anytime, anywhere without having to download anything.

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It refers to the successful payline matches in a slot game. As long as the winning process is not interrupted, the combo will continue, usually the more combo, the more bonus will be added.

Jackpot slot is also called “accumulated slot.” Means that some betting budget players put in the games will be a part of the accumulating jackpot and won by just one lucky player.

First of all, you must understand all the rules and terms in different slot machines. Before using real money, you can try the demo machine to understand the characteristics of each game. You will soon know what kind of slot machine suits you.

JILI is a new slot machine brand that has emerged in recent years. As a leading sheep of online slot machines in Asia, it is not only visually impressive but also has a good balance between bonuses and game systems. You can refer to those articles Top 10 JILI Slot Game Or view more on