Money Coming – JILI Slot Game Review

JILI Money Coming slot is the easiest JILI online slot in history! Regardless of the player’s gaming experience, the average person can be familiar with this game within 3 minutes. And Money Coming’s 10,000 times bonus, jackpot, and 98.22% RTP performance all show that this game attaches great importance to the player’s “victory experience”.

Many players on the social platform are extremely fascinated by Money Coming slot game. They will upload videos that have won awards in the game, which will attract countless new players to join the ranks of Money Coming before and after. There are not many slot machines like this that focus on the player’s victory experience. Although there are fewer award symbols and the screen is quite streamlined, this is the most attractive place-you are really likely to win unprecedented awards!

review money coming slot by JILI Games
Theme RTP% Payline Betting range
₱ 1/100
Highest bonus Volatility board Jackpot Visual effect

Why You Must Play JILI Money Coming Slot

Money Coming and Classic

Real casino experience

Money Coming and Simple Rule

Simple Rule
3 minute to master

Money Coming and Win for Sure

Win for Sure
Scatter= Winning for sure

Money Coming and 10000x Bonus

10000x Bonus
Highest bonus among JILI slot machine

How to Play Money Coming by JILI Games?

Players can invest from a minimum of 1 Pesos to 100 Pesos. As the amount invested is different, the rewards that can be obtained are also different:
-Bet 1 Pesos, unlock 2x, 5x, RESPIN
-Bet over 5 Pesos to unlock the green SCATTER
-Bet more than 10 Pesos, unlock bonus 10x
-Betting more than 50 Pesos, upgrade to red SCATTER

If you bet more than 5 Pesos to unlock the green Scatter, you will have the opportunity to challenge the lucky roulette, and you will surely be rewarded. If you bet more than 10 Pesos, you can unlock the bonus 10x, and bet more than 50 Pesos. The original green Scatter will be upgraded to red Scatter, and the prize amount will be greatly increased.

Reels, paylines
The classic 3X1 reel has only one single pay line. The combination of the board is the number symbols 10, 00, 5, 1, 0. The blank does not affect the number arrangement, and there is a random “number rewind” mechanism, which makes the numbers reverse one round, and there is a chance to redeem the prize.

Lucky spin
There are no free games in Money Coming, but there are lucky spins that must be won! As long as the special spin symbol on the right falls on the line, special feedback will be given based on the corresponding symbol, and will not be affected by the rotation on the left.

Lucky spin 2X

2x: Amount on the left x 2 times the bonus

Lucky spin 5X

5x: Amount on the left x 5 times the bonus

Lucky spin 10X

10x: the amount on the left x 10 times the bonus


RESPIN: Keep this round of bonuses and re-spin them all. The new amount will be added to the old one.


SCATTER: As long as you turn out of SCATTER, you can enter Lucky Spin.

There are two kinds of Scatters for Money coming, which are distinguished according to the amount of bet, and can be unlocked by increasing the bet.
Green Scatter: The bet amount is more than 5 Pesos.
Red Scatter: The bet amount is more than 50 Pesos, and the reward multiplier is increased!

How to Win Money Coming on JILI Slot?

We can find that Money Coming is of low volatility characteristics, and having Jackpot means that players must invest more time to accumulate the probability of the jackpot.

It happens that Money Coming can only bet up to 100 Pesos in a single time. Most players will choose to unlock all the bonus symbols of 50 Pesos as a single bet amount. This is a good strategy. We cannot easily make the budget exhausted quickly.

Many players also shared their exclusive secret skills-that is, creating different accounts to play Money Coming. They found that new accounts are easier for them to get rewards. As a reference, we still recommend that you can play the demo a few more times to familiarize yourself with the rhythm of the game. Put real money into the bet again.

How to win Money Coming by JILI slot?

Play Money Coming Demo Slot on Casino

Players can play the Money Coming slot game smoothly on all mobile phones, Android and iOS or PC and tablet devices. It is easy to be use and can immediately enter the game without any fees. You can play for free demo in HawkPlay or Nuebe Gaming. For the DEMO online slot game, you can click the customer service button in the lower right corner at any time if you have any questions, there is a friendly and beautiful real customer service for you.


Currently HawkPlay and Nuebe Gaming offers thousands of the best online slots, and Money Coming is among them. JILI slots are connected cumulative machines. There are currently three jackpots, Grand Jackpot, Major Jackpot, and Mini Jackpot. Players can go to JILI slot machines. Find them in the menu.

If you are affordable, place 50 Pesos every time. You are doing this to unlock special symbols to increase you winning chance.

RTP is return to player which refers to the money that the slot machine gives back to the player. JACKPOT is a “cumulative slot machine”. Part of the amount invested by the player will accumulate a big prize, which will be won by a lucky person.
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First of all, you must understand all the rules and terms in different slot machine. Before using real money, you can try the demo machine to understand the characteristics of each game. You will soon know what kind of slot machine suits you.