Play ROMA X Demo Slot by JILI Games

In our review of game popularity, ROMA X slot is definitely one of the top JILI demo slot machines! Our main role is a beautiful-looking female warrior. She must experience the thrilling war lion duel with the player. Once the bonus game is entered in the game, the player will be led to a duel in the Roman arena, and will fight to the death according to the result of the flip. The war lion conducts fierce offense and defense, and the bonus game ends after the warrior is attacked 3 times.

Once the player gets 4 combos to enter the slot free spins, as long as they are eliminated in a row, they can accumulate blue gems and increase the number of spins again. This is good news for players, and it means that we have countless opportunities to spin to win the prize.

The chance of entering the bonus game in the game is lower than that of free spins, but once they can successfully enter the Roman Arena, players can usually get a lot of benefits and return with a full load.

Features of ROMA X Slot Game by JILI
Theme RTP% Payline Betting range
Roman Arena
₱ 1.2/1200
Highest bonus Volatility board Jackpot Visual effect

4 Reasons Why You Play Roma X Slot

Roma X and Roman Arena
Roman Arena

Well design visual

Roma X and Infinity combo
Infinity combo

Combo lead to free spin

Roma X and Exciting battle
Exciting battle

Beauty and worrier battle

Roma X and 98.01 high RTP
98.01 high RTP

Higher RTP% than average

How to Play ROMA X Slot?

In Roma X slot by JILI Games, there are not too many reward symbols. Players can find that the reward multiplier on the paytable is quite amazing, especially the female warrior with the highest odds. Collecting 5 and you can get 1,000 times the bonus. This alone is not even possible. Need to enter the free or bonus game to have the opportunity to get high bonuses.

This is a fast-paced and smooth jackpot slot game. Part of the player’s bet will be entered into the jackpot. Many players will patiently continue to bet, while jacking up the prize, while waiting for the bonus game to arrive, experience the legend for yourself. After all, the duel scene in, after all, the barrier to entry is high, and it is already very powerful for the average player to see it twice.

Reels, paylines
ROMA X slot has a 5X3 classic board and 15 paylines.
All winning symbols must be counted from the left turn, and only the highest amount of each line will be paid. All winning points = (odds X player bet amount)/15.

Slot free spin
In the main game, if you achieve more than 4 eliminations, you can enter the free spins. And if you reach 4, 5, 6, and 7 consecutive eliminations in the same round, you can get 3, 5, 10, and 20 free spins respectively. If you encounter more than 4 consecutive eliminations in the free spins, you can also get the above-mentioned rewards.

Free spin of roma x slot

Bonus game
-In the main game, if there are 3 on the board, the bonus game will be triggered, and the screen will be transferred to the Roman Arena to fight with the war lions.

-In each bonus game, if the female warrior suffers damage, the endurance will be deducted once. When the endurance=0, the bonus game will be quit.

-Three silver coins will appear in each battle. Players can choose one of them. Double swords, single swords, and lions can appear randomly.
Double Swords-bet on 20x
Single sword-bet on 10x
Lion-bet 3x

-If the female warrior successfully hits the war lion or defends against the war lion’s attack, she will receive a reward, but the war lion has a chance to dodge the female warrior’s attack.

free game mode of roma x slot
Wild symbol of ROMA X slot

Wild symbol
WILD symbol can replace any symbol except BONUS symbol in the game.

How to win ROMA X Slot?

The volatility rate of JILI ROMA X slot is only 1, which means that the game will frequently return lower rewards, but it is quite competitive, which is higher than the average slot machine’s 98.01% RTP. This extreme combination means that if the player invests a higher amount than usual, Perhaps the first victory will be won soon. Regarding volatility and RTP, you can refer to this article “What is RTP? How to count? Can I win more casino slot online?

Since ROMA X slot is a very popular slot game, many players have shared their videos and experiences of playing ROMA X form JILI. You will find that the most fascinating feature of this game is: the game’s durability is surprising. Players said ROMA X slot is really fun, and they are saying nothing about the profit. They enjoy the thrill of continuous combo and are immersed in the atmosphere of the ancient Roman era.

How to win ROMA X by JILI Slot?

ROMA X Slot with Low Volatility

Every online slot has its own unique design, including the winning frequency is also one of the reference values, we call it “volatility.” Volatility refers to the probability that the game will win money over a period of time. Generally, the higher the volatility, the lower the frequency of winning. On the contrary, the higher the frequency of winning, but the lower the volatility, the better, because it usually wins frequently. For the game consoles, the amount of bonus is relatively low.

The special thing about JILI slot machines is that the volatility rate of each slot machine is marked in the game. It is represented by a chili pattern. The more chili peppers, the higher the volatility rate. This is quite considerate for players, and they can freely choose the machine they like.

For example, the continuous combo of ROMA X slot is quite suitable for low volatility settings. This is an excellent slot machine combination, and players can enjoy the sense of accomplishment of continuous victory.


We can choose at least 96% of RTP machines, usually high RTP can get more chances of winning.

You can refer to our article Top 10 slot machines with the highest RTP in 2023, which lists many high RTP machines and provides free demo links.

Volatility represents the frequency and amount of money the player wins in a game. The higher the volatility, the lower the frequency of winning, but the higher the bonus, the lower the volatility, the higher the frequency of winning, but the lower the bonus.

At present, HawkPlay and Nuebe Gaming provide thousands of the best online slot machines, and Roma X is also among them. Players can find demo slot to try in the JILI slot area.

First of all, you must understand all the rules and terms in different slot machines. Before using real money, you can try the demo machine to understand the characteristics of each game. You will soon know what kind of slot machine suits you.

JILI Games is a new slot machine brand that has emerged in recent years. As a leading sheep of online slot in Asia, it is not only visually impressive but also has a good balance between bonuses and game systems. You can refer to those articles
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