Magic Lamp Slot by JILI Games

JILI Magic Lamp slot has up to 50 rounds of free spins and 15,625 paylines in the game. As long as Aladdin and Genie appear at the same time during the free spins, Genie will move his fingers to perform magic, allowing players to get great bonuses.

Before start to play Magic Lamp slot, you must have heard the story of “Aladdin” Aladdin is a poor guy until he meets the Genie who emerges from the magic lamp and make all his wish come true. In Magic Lamp slot, Genie can also fulfill our wish of “winning more money!”

Magic Lamp slot is a very hot JILI slot game. We will give you more information about the game and provide exclusive tips to let you know how to get the most benefits in the game!

Magic Lamp slot game features pic
Theme RTP% Payline Betting range
Movie "Aladdin"
₱ 1.5/1500
Highest bonus Volatility board Jackpot Visual effect

Why You Must Play Magic Lamp Slot

Magic Lamp and Magic like visual
Magic like visual

Well design theme

Magic Lamp and Genie = Winning
Genie = Winning

More genie more bonus

Magic Lamp and 50+ free spins
50+ free spins

More scatter more free spin. Up to 50+

Magic Lamp and Infinity payline
Infinity payline

Up to 15625 paylines

How to Play Magic Lamp Slot by JILI

If the player has a sufficient budget, you can try Magic Lamp’s unique “2X increase” to enter the free spins. As long as you bet more money, the wizard will send 2 times the scatter symbol into the game, and you can expect to get more rewards.

When the sprite symbol appears in the free spins, different points will be marked. If the more light in the hands of the sprites, the more points will be won. Players can observe the state of the sprites on the board when they match the WILD to get combo. This is also a very interesting little detail in the game.

Reels, paylines
6X5 large-board design, up to 15,625 paylines, all winning symbols must be counted from the left wheel. All winning points = odds X bet amount. Only pay the highest amount won by each combo.

Free spin
There are 3 main symbols to understand for free spins: scatter, genie symbol, and wild symbol. These three symbols are very important in the game. Scatter can trigger free spins and the number of rounds. The wild symbol is the key to triggering bonuses. The more the number, the more the multiple. The number of wizard symbols affects the amount of the bonus.

Magic Lamp's Scatter

Only one Scatter can appear at the same time in each round, and a maximum of 6 Scatter appears in each round.
As long as any 3 or more appear on the field, you can enter the free spins. The more Scatters, the more rounds you get, but they will not appear in the free spins.

Free Game Mode of Magic Lamp Slot
Magic Lamp's Scatter

X 3,10 free spin

Magic Lamp's Scatter

X 4,15 free spin

Magic Lamp's Scatter

X 5,25 free spin

Magic Lamp's Scatter

X 6,50 free spin

Genie Symbol

Genie Symbol
1. Each time Genie symbol appears, a different winning point will be marked, and you can see the winning point when you clear it.

2. Marked wins are divided into: X1, X2, X3, X5, X10, X20, X50

3. When the matchups in the free spins appear at the same time, you can get all the sprite marks on the field at the same time!

4. When calculating the connection bonus, the Genie with different points will be regarded as the same symbol.

Wild symbol

Wild symbol
It will only appear in free spin, represent any symbol.
1. When Wild symbol in game and Genie Symbol in game appear at the same time, all Genie Symbol in game 2 will marked points on the field will be absorbed, and the winning points for that score will be obtained!
2. When there are more than one Wild symbol in game at the same time, the total score will be calculated separately, that is, the more WILDs appear, the more times the bonus will be doubled.
3. When the above special conditions are triggered for victory, if the connection is successful, the connection bonus will still be calculated.

How to Win Magic Lamp Slot

Players often have some common behaviors when enjoying the Magic Lamp slot game, that is, shouting “Genie” in the free spins and shouting the appearance of elves. This seems to become a trend when playing Magic Lamp slot, many Players believe that doing so can increase their luck, because as long as there are more elves, the bonus will be more generous.

If you want to get more rewards, you can use a reasonable bet amount to turn on the “2x access to free spins” switch. As long as you enter free spins, there is a certain probability of high rewards for players to fight for. This is a game worth trying strategy!

Where can I Play more Real Money JILI slot

You can go to our rankings to check our recommended casinos in the Philippines. We recommend that you play in HawkPlay and Nuebe Gaming. These two online casinos can support any mobile device, whether you are at home, on the road, or at various locations. You can play smoothly everywhere, the operation is very simple, there is no need to worry about paying any fees, you can spin for free anytime, anywhere!

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At present, HawkPlay and Nuebe Gaming provide thousands of the best online slot machines, and Magic Lamp slot is also among them. Players can find demo slot to try in the JILI Games area.

JILI slot machine is known for its excellent RTP, high bonuses, and the most Jackpot machines. Players can easily get satisfactory bonuses and gains here.

If the player has a sufficient budget, you can try Magic Lamp’s unique “2X increase” to enter the free spins. As long as you bet more money, the wizard will send 2 times the scatter symbol into the game, and you can expect to get more rewards.

First of all, you must understand all the rules and terms in different slot machine. Before using real money, you can try the demo machine to understand the characteristics of each game. You will soon know what kind of slot machine suits you.

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