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Nuebe Gaming is a high-quality casino you need to try out no matter which level player you are. In the 2023 casino market survey, it owns 97% of customer satisfaction. Nuebe’s principle is “High-quality service and enjoyment!”

At the ending of 2019, Nuebe received the Isle of Man Gambling License, becoming the first legit online casino in the Philippines. Having all kinds of online casino games such as slot machines, fishing machine, baccarat, Dragon Tiger, there are also machines with high odds. We simplify the cash flow process, you can deposit and cash out within 30 seconds.

Nuebe is always aware of the small details, we believe that this is how we won players’ hearts. You can go register on our site with no worries, we believe you will also love what you experienced.

4 Steps to Download Nuebe Gaming Apk

Only takes you 30 seconds, download Apk to play all of the games in Nuebe Gaming. Follow the flow chart down below!

4 steps to help you to download Nuebe Gaming Apk

Step 1: Go to the official site

Step 2: Scan the QR code, download Nuebe Gaming Apk

Step 3: The login/ Register button is at the upright corner, spend only 30 seconds to do

Step 4: Done! Start your amazing adventure!

During JILI’s promotion, complete the daily mission to get the item card or gold card. Use them in your slot game to get a free spin, increasing the chance to win! Please refer to our article for more detailed information “JILI Games brand introduction

Classic Casino Games recommendation

We have all kinds of games to satisfy players, the basics are the following.

Online games: Slot, fishing machine, scratch-off (lottery) ticket. Those games can let you play all day long.

Live dealer: Do not have to fly over the globe to Los Vegas. Our live dealer brings you the atmosphere of a real casino. Baccarat, Dragon Tiger and blackjack are there waiting for you!

Table games: All kinds of dice games, bingo, roulette are games that can easily get familiar with, you can profit a lot from these simple games.

After a series of careful checks by our team, we selected game machines that meet the standards in terms of popularity, high bonus, smoothness, and volatility, so that all players are so into the gaming world created by Nuebe. If you still don’t know where to start, take a look at the recommendation of our popular games. Just follow them and you will have great fun!

free spins slot machine - Golden Empire
Android、iOS / slot / Maya
Golden Empire

Maya’s amazing feature, this game brings you into the Amazon. The special “Golden frame” symbol makes you close to the big win! A slot machine that you couldn’t stop playing.

🎮  Played:863221 ❤️  Like:322690

Jili Game - Magic Lamp
Android、iOS / slot / Aladdin
Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp owns the “2x” symbol to get into a free game. As long as your budget is enough, Genie will give you the scatter symbol 2 times! More prizes to be expected!

🎮  Played:7466.0 ❤️  Like:300021

Slot Game - Chinese New Year
Android、iOS / slot / oriental style
Chinese New Year

To welcome 2022, You must play this game symbols the Chinese Lunar New Year! It has a 12000x bonus. Most of the players believe that good luck will come to you if you participated in the Dragon Tiger dance.

🎮  Played:649024 ❤️  Like:163201

Jili Game - Mega Fishing
Android、iOS / fishing machine / ocean creatures
Mega Fishing

Have you heard of fishing machine? The more the fish you fire down, the bigger the bonus will be. This is an exciting visual game.

🎮  Played:542132 ❤️  Like:203215

Fishing Game - King Octopus
Android、iOS / fishing machine / ocean creatures
King Octopus

Mermaid, squid captain, big whale, Nimo, all marine creatures are all here. Fire down those fish using your weapons. Remember! When you see a special creature, shoot it down first!

🎮  Played:503260 ❤️  Like:234555

Android、iOS / online casino/ Live dealer

Be the first online casino supplier player can reach, we recommend you to visit WM casino. There will be a beautiful dealer waiting for you!

🎮  Played:423001 ❤️  Like:168452

Scratch Card - Nang Kwak
Android、iOS / Scratch Card / Thai
Nang Kwak

Nang Kwak is the wealthy god of Thailand. Bring luck and money flow to people. By playing this game, the player can enjoy the excitement of getting the big prize!

🎮  Played:400036 ❤️  Like:154223

Play slot at Nuebe Gaming to get a special offer

If you are a fan of slot machines, then you must play slot in Nuebe Gaming! The top 10 slot brand are all here. Players can complete daily mission and ranking to get the item card and get a free game! There is also jackpot slot machines, get the big prize at any time!

Nuebe Gaming can meet all the needs of players, from game to services, get a good gaming experience without any effort. This is a high-quality casino that people want to stick to.


NO. Nuebe does not charge at all. You only need to use your money when it comes to depositing. We recommend players to participate in the activities, daily mission, the ranking will help you earn extra bonuses. For more promotions go check “How to participate in Nuebe Gaming promotions

Yes. Nuebe is the only online casino getting the certificate from Isle if Gambling License. Play with no worries at Nuebe, we ensure your personal information by SSL coding, and our professional team is taking care of your account.

All systems (iOS/ Android) all devices are available.

You may follow Nuebe on Facebook, the latest updates will all be there.

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