How to participate in Nuebe Gaming promotions 2023

Nuebe Gaming is an online casino starting at 2021. It got lot of love and support as soon as it launched. Not after 6 months, it became the hit online casino in the Philippines. Our team figure out 4 reason to made this success.

1. Most promotions:
Nuebe Gaming is the online casino with most promotions in the Philippines. Including Jackpot, item card, gold card, lottery, ranking, etc. Those countless promotions provide players huge profit.

2. 100% legit:
Players must play at a legal casino. You can definitely choose Nuebe. It got the certificate from Isle of Man Gambling License at December 2019, the first ever legal online casino in the Philippine.

3. Easy deposit/ Cash out:
Some casino charge fee twice or even triple when it comes to money transferring. At Nuebe, using GCash for your account will charge no fee and the money is fast transfer within 30 seconds.

4. High quality CSR 24/7:
Players may often get last text or even no answer form the SCR. Nuebe has a very considerate customer service team ready for you all day long.

How to Get Information about Nuebe Promotions

First of all, you may follow Nuebe on Facebook, latest news will be updated. Little tips for you, if you don’t want to miss any information, you can add Nuebe into your Telegram contact or download Nuebe Gaming APK to reach their customer service at the first moment and set your budget at the right games.

Nuebe owns all kinds of promotions like JILI Games, AE Slot, Fa chai Game, these are common slot machines with promotions. Players may check the detail information at Nuebe’s Facebook page, and go back to the games at the official site.

Nuebe Gaming Promotions for JILI Games

JILI Games is one of the supplier of Nuebe Gaming. They own fancy games including online slot machine, fish game, table game etc. The promotions are often in kinds of ways:

1. Mission cards
There are “item card” and “gold card.” Player can use the card in their slot games to earn themselves a change to get into the free games.

2. Daily sign in mission
JILI Games has daily mission for players, complete the task to get an item card! The daily mission will automatically renew every.

3. Ranking bonus
Promotions often need players to play in specific games to double the point accumulation. 200 item card will give out to the player by the ranking.

4. Jackpot payline bonus
Nuebe have many jackpot options. Players can just simply pick one they like.

JILI Games promotions in online casino

Promotions for AE Slot

AE Slot provide loads of high quality slot machine which passed the requirement of Gaming Labs International (GLI). It is one of an assosiation from Random Number Generator. They are organization that keep casino games fair to players.

In addition, we recommend player play AE Slot at 2022 newest online casino HawkPlay. They are giving ₱500 bonus to new members. Until now, only HawkPlay is giving out generous bonus like this, grab the spoon, don’t miss the timing!

Promotion for Fa Chai Gaming

Fa Chai Gaming is a well design slot brand from Taiwan. That have a series of slot from Asian players. The slots are all special, symbols in the game are also unique and interesting. Fa Chai Gaming is now owning many players heart.

Recently Nuebe Gaming throw a fancy Fa Chai Christmas party. Players can choose 6 games by Fa Chai Gaming. And bet ₱10,000 every day to get 1 lottery ticket, and the lottery can get you free bonuses. The event is only 5 days, with a maximum of 50 lottery tickets per day, 250 tickets in 5 days. The Christmas party has attracted countless players scrambling for 50 limited lottery tickets.

The accumulated betting will be reset at 12:00 pm every day, and tickets will be issued at 13:00 p.m. The redemption must be completed before January 1, 2022. We believe players are happy to use these bonuses to play another row of Fa Chai slot.

Which Casino is Holding Promotions?

From hundreds of online casino in the Philippines. We only recommend 2 of them, which is Nuebe Gaming and HawkPlay. They are 100% legit and they also often hold all kinds of promotions.

In Nuebe Gaming: With a complete online slot machine and regularly helding promotion, it can be said that whenever players enter Nuebe Gaming, they can get big and small rewards.

In HawkPlay: The newly opened online casino has a full range of gaming machines, and during the opening period, the newly registered member discount is as high as ₱500. Grab the spoon, don’t miss the big offer!

Download APK free and get offers from the two casinos: