Get to Know the Casino Dice Game “Thai HI LO”

Thai HI Lo is a familiar folk dice game for Thai people. Due to the appearance of online casinos, this game is no longer limited by time and space. Players can participate and bet more easily on the game. At first, players could only bet through PC or notebook. But, with the development of technology, it’s now possible to play online gambling games through mobile phones. If you are new to this, you can get to know Thai HI LO through this article.

This game uses dice as props, players must bet by guessing the number and format of the dice. What’s more, there is not only one dice but three.
Therefore, it is a difficult challenge for you to predict the outcome, but it also means that you will have an exciting experience. As for the game form, it belongs to a kind of table game. It is also one of the hottest games in the Philippines right now.

How to Play Thai HI LO in Online Casino?

How to play Thai HI Lo if you are new? To be honest, it is very similar to Sic Bo but just a bit different. This is how you play.

Before each bet, the dealer will put three dice in the dice cup then roll it. When everyone finishes placing their bet, the dealer will show the dice and announce the outcome also give out the wager. The most familiar bet is guessing the number of the dice (3-10 will be SMALL, 11-18 will be BIG, except Specific Triples.) And because of this, HI LO is also often been called “Big and Small.” Besides what had just been mentioned, players can also bet for ODD, EVEN (the total number of three dice,) or three single number combinations, etc.

HI (BIG): Win when the total dice number is even or bigger than 11 (if it’s Specific Triple then dealer-take-all.)

LO (Small): Win when the total dice number is even or smaller than 10 (if it’s Specific Triple then dealer-take-all.)

Single Dice Bet: The specific number player bet appears on one, two, or three dice.

Total Bet: Win when the total dice number is the number player bet.

Dice Combinations Bet: Win when two of the dice will show a specific combination of two different numbers (in a total of 15 kinds of combinations, for example, a 1 and a 2)

Specific Doubles Bet: Win when the specific number player bet appears on two or three dice (for example, at least two 1.)

Specific “Triples” or “Alls”: Win when the specific number player bet appears on all three dice(for example, three 1. Also called 圍一’Wei-Yi’ aka 豹子’Bao- Zi.’)

Any Triples or All Alls: Win when any of the triples appear.

The Pay Table:

How to play Thai HI-LO?

What is Special about Thai HI-LO?

Thai HI LO on Nuebe Gaming is an outstanding game by its very interesting cultural background, and this draws many players’ attention. A brief introduction is below.

1. The cute design:
Most people will be familiar with Sic Bo with a live dealer, but Kingmaker design the page with AI system. Although this may lose some presence, but with the cute characters they designed, players could bet with no pressure. It would still be a really interesting experience, especially if one is an anime lover!

2. Multiple outcomes to predict
This game can predict many different outcomes. Therefore, players can enjoy more betting fun to win more bet. In addition, in each round, more than one result can be predicted, such as betting on HI 11 points. If all the results are predicted correctly, players will receive two types of wager, if only one is correct, players will still have a profit without any loss. If players want to place multiple bets at the same time, he or she must plan in advance to keep the profits.

3. Prompt betting outcomes:
Thai Hi Lo by Kingmaker can complete each round and know the outcome instantly. Players don’t have to stay tuned for long. You can bet multiple rounds in few minutes, and profited by playing it. But a nice reminder, gambling is what about chance and luck, please do not rely on it too much, making a little profit every day is enough.

4. High odd pay:
Even bet with the fewest dollars, it’s will still a bargain to play Thai HI LO. Each betting method has different odds. Therefore, players should know the rules of the game and the payout ratio in advance.

Playing Thai HI-LO Online Casino for Real Money

We are all excited to know how to play Kingmaker’s Thai Hi-Lo online. Let our team sincerely recommend Nuebe Gaming, the high-class online casino from the Philippines.
As long as you register as a member of Nuebe Gaming, you can participate in all games they provide.
Playing Hi-Lo is not difficult at all. All you have to do is bet the dice form you want within 20 seconds. Then wait for the dealer to roll 3 dice. Your result depends on the number of dice displayed. Once again this game is easy to play. But rolling dice is not just chance, many elements will affect the outcome. As a result, continue making money through gambling will not be your first choice. What matters is the technique you choose to use. How to make a profit by betting? What you can do is to choose different forms of Sic Bo betting according to your abilities or expertise. Each format has a different odd rate, depending on the difficulty of the game. Here is some advice for you:

-Bet HI and LO alternately, because there is a 50/50 chance of winning.
-Check historical statistics before you bet. You should analyzed the outcome of 2-3 rounds before you place your bet.
-Double your bet until you win. This is a 100% winning method, but it might be more suitable for players with more handled bets.
-Bet on 3 numbers, for example, bet numbers 4,5,6 in the form of 4-5, 5-6, you can use it with any number based on this principle.