Golden Queen Slot by JILI Games

Golden Queen slot from JILI Games has scarab and Cleopatra as the main characters, and the wild symbol adds some spic to the game! In this slot game, you will absolutely love the scarab coz it means victory. It is a multi-function wild symbol itself, not only turning the symbols around in to wild but also adding up the bonus!

In the Golden Queen slot review, we will take a deeper look into the mystery and analyze all the symbols. Some gaming tips will also be provided, hope that you will benefit from our articles.

Amazing Wild in Golden Queen slot game
Theme RTP% Payline Betting range
Old Egypt
₱ 1/1000
Highest bonus Volatility board Jackpot Visual effect

Golden Queen Game Features

Golden Queen Slot and Old Egypt
Old Egypt

The visual is fantastic! You can see the vivid scarabs

Golden Queen Slot and Great game atmosphere
Great game atmosphere

You will be led to the scarabs places as you enter the free spin

Golden Queen Slot and 8+ free spins
8+ free spins

The free spin is at least 8 spins.

Golden Queen Slot and WILD High bonus
WILD High bonus

5 Wilds = 4000x bonus

How to Play Golden Queen Demo Slot?

Before we officially start the Golden Queen demo slot, we need to know that scarab and Cleopatra are the 2 symbols with the highest odds.

When a scarab appears, it will become a wild symbol. Not only that, but 1~4 scarabs will also fly out and randomly move to the nearby blocks, and turn the symbol into WILD too, if you are lucky enough to get 5 Wild symbols, you can get up to 4000x bonus.

This is an online slot machine with only 40 paylines, simple rules and easy gameplay. There are quite a few chances to win big prizes. Although it is simple, the unique scarab wild system is a really eye-catching feature, and it is an excellent choice for all sizes of budget.

Reel, Payline

5×4 board, 40 paylines. Every combo needs to start from the very left, 3 or more appear consecutively. Bonus = Odds X Player’s Bet/40, only the highest payline will be counted.

Scarab symbol in Golden Queen by Jili GamesScarab

1. This is the most important symbol in this game. When it appears it will automatically turn into Scarab Wild symbol Scarab Wild symbol in Golden Queen by Jili Games.

2. In the general games, Scarab symbol in Golden Queen by Jili Games will appear in the 3rd game, and the free spin will be in the 2nd and the 4th game.

3. A single Scarab Wild symbol in Golden Queen by Jili Games will create 1~4 scarab and they will fly to the nearby block, changing them into a wild symbol.

4. When the scarab flies on a wild, it will turn the wild into a multiplier, and when it is repeated, the multiplier will add up!

5. The multipliers on the same payline are timed.


4 types of situations can call as WILD.

Wild at the left and scarab multiplier at the right.

Wild symbol and X8 odds in Golden Queen

Scarab truing into the wild.

Scarab truing into the wild symbol

Wild scarab truing into a multiplier.

Wild scarab truing into a multiplier (X8)
Free Bonus in Golden Queen by Jili GamesFree spin
In the general game, the easiest way to enter the free game is to collect Free Bonus in Golden Queen by Jili Games which will only appear in the 1st 3rd and the 5th game. When Free Bonus in Golden Queen by Jili Games appears in at the same time, you will enter the free spin game for 8+ rounds.

Final Thoughts of Golden Queen Slot

This is a slot game with a fast tempo, players can not only experience the unlimited Wild symbols but also increase the scarab appearing and up to 4000x bonus. The betting range is ₱1- ₱1000, which means that the game is for all amounts of budget.

The theme of ancient Egypt has always been popular on slot machines. Golden Queen slot is the special one because of the simple rules and high bonus, and most importantly, the scarab. We can experience this high-class online slot machine to our fullest!

Super Win up to 4000X bonus

What are the Best Online Slot?

A good slot machine is nothing more than a few elements.
RTP: The slot RTP is the probability of the player playing for a period of time. Generally speaking, a slot machine with more than 96% RTP will be your good choice. Know more about RTP:  What is RTP? Is the RTP rate equal to the chance of winning?

Jackpot: Represents the meaning of “big prize”. In HawkPlay or Nuebe Gaming, as long as you play a JILI games marked “Jackpot” and place a bet, you will have a chance to win Jackpot. To know more about slot machines, you can refer to this article: 2023 JILI 7 Jackpot Slot Machines in the Philippines

Volatility: The volatility of Golden Queen slot is 3, which is medium level. The higher the bonus, the higher the volatility but the frequency of winning is relatively low, and in the other way, the low volatility will win a bigger amount of bonus. Players can choose their favorite slot machine by their will.

Not only the above elements, but also the requirements of free spins, the odds of each symbol, and the number of combos are references that you may need to take into consideration. Players can try more demo machines to get familiar.


Hawkplay and Nuebe Gaming offer thousands of slot machines, Golden Queen slot is one of them. Play may find a demo version at the site.

Focus on the scarab, it is not only the symbol with the highest odds but also the one who can change any symbol (besides Bonus) into wild. The more scarab the more chance to win.

First of all, you must understand all the rules and terms in the different slot machines. Before using real money, you can try the demo machine to understand the characteristics of each game. You will soon know what kind of slot machine suits you.

Being the leader of online slot machines in Asia, JILI is not only visually impressive but also has a good balance of bonuses and game systems. If you want to know more about JILI slot machines, you can refer to the following article: JILI Best 10 Great Online Slots, or check out more JILI Online Slots reviews.
If you want to know more about JILI slot machines you can refer to those articles