Bao Boon Chin Slot by JILI Games

There are two main features of Bao boon chin slot by JILI games. Firstly, the 98.62% slot RTP is higher than average, making it the top choice among players. Secondly, it not only has a lower requirement to enter free spins but also infinity combos waiting for you. If you are lucky enough to get a sword, you may double the bonus and get over hundreds of free games!

Bao boon chin slot game features
Theme RTP% Payline Betting range
₱ 1/1000
Highest bonus Volatility board Jackpot Visual effect

Why You Must Play Bao Boon Chin Slot

Bao Boon Chin Slot and Great theme
Great theme

Satisfy the drama fans

Bao Boon Chin Slot and Infinity free spins
Infinity free spins

9+ to infinity free spins

Bao Boon Chin Slot and Wild symbol
Wild symbol

Sword= whole row of Wild symbols

Bao Boon Chin Slot and RTP 98.62%
RTP 98.62%

Higher RTP than average

Guide to Play Bao Boon Chin Slot with Pictures

If you are a fan of the drama “Bao Boon Chin”, you will definitely get a lot of fun from the Bao Boon Chin slot. JILI’s capability is really professional to create themes slots like this. The player can enjoy their memories in the game.

The game fluency is quite good, too. There is almost nothing to be picky about. Bao boon chin slot runs smoothly on any platform without being affected by the speeds. Giving the player a better gaming experience.

Although players pay a reasonable amount, slot machines with high RTP probability are likely to get excellent rewards after a period of time.

Reels and Payline

The game board is in 5X3, the more you get the more DRAGON HEAD free spin you get.

DRAGON HEADx3= 9 spins

DRAGON HEADx4=11 spins

DRAGON HEADx5= 13 spins

But DRAGON HEAD won’t appear in the free spin. On the other hand, getting special symbol can times up your bonus in the free spin. The number special symbol you get is how much you can time your bonus. The total will be calculated at the end of the free spin.

Jili Slot - Bao boon chin's wild symbol

Wild symbol
It can replace any symbol during the game and has a chance to appear on each reel. It is also the one with the highest odds, as long as you collect 5, you can win 500X.

Wild symbol

Scatter Reel

Special reel only in Bao boo chin, at the first row of the board, DRAGON HEAD and special symbol will appear. If special symbol appears the lower rows will turn into wild.

dragon head


When DRAGON HEAD appears, there will always be an exciting dorm effect. Getting 3 continuously and you are able to get into the free spin.

Free Game of Jili Slot Bao Boon Chin

How to Win Jili Slot Bao Boon Chin?

The unique “scatter reel” is an excellent chance for you to win. No matter it’s a chance to trigger free spins or a chance to trigger a whole row of wild symbols.

Being a high RTP slot machine, as long as players bet for a period of time, they will definitely get rewards, so be patient and can continue to bet with a lower amount than usual until you enter the free spins. Try to get the sword so the final accumulated can be added at the end of the free spin.

Jili Slot Bao Boon Chin Super Win

Where Can I Play Slots with High RTP?

At the current machines, players can consider choosing RTP more than 96%. At present, JILI Games has thousands of slot machines for players to choose from. JILI has high RTP machines in all kinds of gameplay and is suitable for all level players.

You can play all kinds of JILI slot machines in Hawkplay and Nuebe Gaming, we also provide free DEMO for players to try. It is simple to operate and play smoothly on any device. If you have any questions, you can go to the customer service live chat at any time. Our staff is friendly and happy to assist you.


RTP is returned to the player which refers to the money that the slot machine gives back to the player. We can choose at least 96% of RTP machines, usually, high RTP can get more chances of winning. More information: What is RTP? Is the RTP rate equal to the chance of winning?

You can search on the official website of the slot machine, or type the keyword directly from the search engine: slot machine name + RTP, there will be a lot of information you want.

Hawkplay and Nuebe Gaming provide thousands of the best online slot machines, including Bao boon chin. Players can go to the JILI slot machine page to find DEMO machines to try out.

First of all, you must understand all the rules and terms in different slot machines. Before using real money, you can try the demo machine to understand the characteristics of each game. You will soon know what kind of slot machine suits you.

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