What is 7 Up 7 Down: Basic Betting Guidelines

7 Up 7 Down dice game (also known as seven up seven down) is very popular in Europe and the United States, but for Filipino players, this game shows up in recent years but soon becomes players’ favorite. The game is extremely easy to get started, you can also quickly get the bonuses, which is suitable for rookie players or professional players who want to make huge profits. Compared with other dice games, 7 Up 7 Down is extremely simple, as long as you predict that the two dice will score higher or lower than 7. Isn’t it very similar to Thai Hi-Lo? The difference is that this game only uses two dice and only provides three betting options. Therefore, for players who like to play it simple and fast, you can use this game as a practice, and after you have mastered it, you can place Thai Hi-Lo bets after you gain experience.

How to Play 7 Up 7 Down at Online Casino

Before we get into the rules, let us give you a brief introduction to Nuebe Gaming, which is currently the most discussed online casino in the Philippines, and the highest and most recommend by players. It has an astonishing number of various gaming games, including a variety of online table games, such as 7 Up 7 Down.

The first step is to register as a member at the Nuebe Gaming official website.

The second step is to deposit after successfully registering. You can deposit into your Nuebe member account through many well-known banks in the Philippines or GCash.

Step 3 Select Table Game >> Kingmaker >> 7 Up 7 Down from the Menu bar
The screen will display the available game rooms as follows:

CASUAL: Suitable for players who have never played this game. The betting range is 5-300 peso.
NOVICE: Suitable for players who play games and want to make a considerable profit from the game. The betting range is 30-500 pesos.
EXPERT: Suitable for players who master this game, professional players, and players who want to increase the bet amount. The betting range is 150-3000 peso.
HIGH ROLLER: Suitable for players with abundant betting funds. The betting range is 300- 7,500 pesos.

Step 4 After deciding the target to bet, the system will have 13 seconds for the player to place your bet.
Betting 2-6 points (7 Down): The odds are 1:1, and there is a chance to get a random bonus to pay 2X Lightning Bonus.
Betting 7 points (Tie): The odds are 1:4, and there is another chance to get a random bonus 6X Lightning Bonus.
Betting 8-12 points (7 Up): The odds are 1:1, and there is a chance to pay 2X Lightning Bonus with a random bonus.

*** Note: The random bonus is randomly selected and paid by the system, and is only applicable to the Kingmaker suggested in this article.

How to play 7 Up 7 Down at Nuebe Gaming

How to Skill Crack 7 Up 7 Down

Although 7 Up 7 Down is simple, to win more profits still needs skills. Let our team tell you how players skills crack this game. First, choose one of the three types of betting targets. Then start your game with the minimum betting amount, if you lose this round, then double the bet in the next round and continue to bet on the same subject. After losing three or four rounds in a row, you will win in the fourth to fifth rounds, and by that time you have already won back all the previous losses. Remember, the only thing you need to do is to place your bet in the same place (even when you don’t win). Once you win, you can stop and see if you want to bet for another new subject and continue the action.

Play 7 Up 7 Down through Online Casino

With the vigorous development of the Internet, playing 7 Up 7 Down through online casinos has become a mainstream trend. Players do not need to enter or exit the physical casinos or download apps. Just open a website to enjoy all games. There are Baccarat, Fish Prawn Crab (Hoo Hey How), Sic Bo, Thai Hi-Lo, Sabong, etc. Placing bets through online casinos can not only protect privacy, but also withdraw money to a designated bank account when you win, which greatly reduces the risk of receiving counterfeit or involved with gangsters. If you are a senior in gaming, you may have tried many game platforms. But it is very difficult to find a trustworthy one. Therefore, we have carefully selected Nuebe Gaming, which has obtained international standard license certification. It satisfies the needs of most Filipino players and is the only online casino in the Philippines that dared to launch this game.