Dragon Tiger Game: The Beginner’s Guide of 2023

Live Dragon Tiger game is now going viral on the online casino in the Philippines and is occupying the live dealer casino market at lightning speed. Therefore, players who are exciting to play are asking: How do I win the game? This is also the top-secret that can only be found in NuebeVIP. Today, we will selflessly share it with all Filipino players. How to play and what can you do to win? After you have mastered the skills provided by us, we recommended you to give it a try at the online casino, because the information we provided is collected from the world’s top players. Their successful experience guarantees that those tips are the latest and can be applied today.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger Game

Live Dragon Tiger isn’t a hard game, we believe that you can get started fast after reading this paragraph. First, the dealer will use 5 or 6 decks of cards, and then the decks of cards will be shuffled, and then two sides representing Dragon and Tiger will get one card each.
After the betting time is over, the dealer will reveal the cards. The single card will determine the winner. Whichever side gets the larger number is the winner. If the points are the same, it will be a tie (there is no banker-take-all in this game) and the player can get the bonus immediately.
This means that if players want to make more profits in the game, they may need to carefully remember the number of points that appear in each round, and use tips like Blackjack to win.

How Point Counted in Dragon Tiger Game

The points calculation of this game is based on the points in the general poker game, but it is slightly different. The following will explain in detail for you.
According to the points appearing on the cards, it can be divided into two types.
The first type is the general card. The numbers are: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. This type of point calculation is its appearance.
For example, 9 means 9 points
The second category is special cards
A is counted as 1 point.
J is counted as 11 points.
Q is counted as 12 points.
K counted as 13 points, and K is the highest score in this game.

How to Win Dragon Tiger Game with Roadmap

Have you ever heard of roadmap? This is a technique that you may be used in many live poker games. Especially for well-experienced players, they have corresponding roadmaps in different situations to have the upper hand in the game. The following roadmaps will help you dominate the whole game.

Big Road

dragon tiger roadmap - big road

Big Road is the most widely used roadmap. The principle is to record the outcome of each round, besides Tie. If it’s a Dragon, it will be marked as a red O; if it is a Tiger, it will be represented by a blue O. According to the situation, the players will decide whether to bet on the Dragon or Tiger next time. For example, The current road is two Dragons and two Tigers. If the Dragon is opened in the 5th game, then the player in the 6th game will follow to bet the Dragon. But if the sixth game is a Tiger, it will become a dead road.

According to the picture, we can get the conclusion:

The Dragon is recorded in one column (red), and the Tiger is recorded in another column (blue). When the winner becomes the other party, the record must be marked in a new column.
In Big Road, Tie will not be recorded separately, and sometimes it will only be marked as a green number, the number means how many times did the game outcome came out as Tie.
At the same time, Dragon Pair and Tiger Pair will not be shown. Big Road will only record the Dragon and the Tiger.

Big Eye Boy

dragon tiger roadmap - Big Eye Boy

The starting point of Big Eye Boy is the second row of the second column of the Big Road, and the first column must appear either Dragon or Tiger, otherwise, it must start from the next column.
If there is no result like this on the Big Road, then the starting point is the first row of the third column. The following rules are below.
1. If the hand in question causes a new column in the Big Road, then compare the previous two columns in the Big Road. If they are the same in-depth, then record, a red circle on the map, if not record a blue circle.
2. If the hand in question is the same outcome as the previous hand (skipping ties), then compare the cell to the left of the newly created entry in the Big Road with the cell directly above that one. If these two cells are the same, whether both Player, both Banker, or both blank; then mark a red in the Big Eye Boy. Otherwise, mark a blue.
3. In other words, consider the latest entry in the Big Road. Then, move one cell to the left. Then, move up. If the move up does not result in a change, mark red, if it does, mark blue.

Small Road

dragon tiger roadmap - Small road

The starting point of Small Road is from the second row of the third column of Big Road. If there is no result like this in the Big Road, then the starting point is the first row of the fourth column.
The method of drawing a Small Road map is roughly the same as Big Eye Road. The difference is that the two columns that Small Road refers to are the current column and the previous column, that is, the third column and the first column. The fourth column and the second column, and so on.

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