Belangkai (a.k.a. King Crab)

Belangkai is a fancy game, Malaysians also call it Blangkas, which means king crab in their language. This game is new to Philippines players, but it has been very popular in China. Many of the players may encounter problems in the beginning, “Why are the dice look different?” Or “How do I win this game?” And you can find all answers here in this article, follow our tips that you can skill this game. First of all, dice that used in Belangkai have only four sides, represented as fish, flower, crab, and prawn. The two sides were went through by a stick either wooden or metal. The dealer will hold the stick to spin the dice. After you get those basic information, follow us deeper inside.

How to play Belangkai and how to win this game

How to play Belangkai and how to win this game

When the betting starts, the dealer will spin the dice on the plate, and then cover it. Players will have about 20 seconds to place their bet. ATTENTION! Compared with other table games, Belangkai is the only one that used single dice. This hugely increases the chance to win. After the count down, the dealer will show the outcome, you will win the money if you guess and bet the symbol right. You will have three ways to bet. As the picture below
1. 1-symbol betting, 2.5 odds. For example, place 100 bets on fish, outcome fish, win 250.
2. 2- symbol betting, 0.8 odds. For example, place 100 bets on flower and fish, outcome flower fish, win 80.
3. 3-symbol betting, 0.25 odds. For example, place 100 bets on flower prawn crab, outcome flower prawn crab, win 25.

How to play Belangkai and how to win

Besides 3 basic betting ways, players can also bet on more than one set of the outcome, like in Thai HI-LO and Sic Bo. Follow this logic and you will constantly master the game.

Let’s say that you want to bet on flower, you can place your bet on the 1- symbol betting chart and also flowers in 2 or 3 symbol betting charts. It’s a risk-spreading but clear way to play the game. If you lost at the 1- symbol betting chart, you will still have the chance to win at the other 2 charts. The other way around, if you guess the outcome right, you win an extra 6 sets of bets at the same time. Shown in the picture below.

Payment table of Belangkai

Suggestions for newly players

Compared with senior players, new players are so lost, they could not correctly predict the outcome. In addition, we will lead the new players—What to bet?
The operation is not difficult. There is a history record at the button. It shows the probability of the four symbols in the last 60 rounds. Due to fairness, casinos will not be too biased against a certain symbol, and the probability will gradually spread evenly. Players only need to observe which symbols have a significantly lower probability than the average, and then wait for a few rounds to see how it goes. If the symbol appears, then it the time to place the bet on that symbol, this tip with the one we mentioned above, not too greedy mind then you can have a big amount of money bring back!

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