What is the Jackpot Online Slot?

Jackpot slot is also called “big prize slot,” “top prize slot.” This word comes from an ancient poker game. In addition to online slot machines, it is also commonly used in other games such as lottery and other casino games.

If the slot machine is marked as jackpot, then this machine is again called “Progressive Jackpot Slot.” Each time a small part of the player betting bedget, it will slowly accumulate into a jackpot until a player wins the jackpot. All bonuses will be awarded to the player and will accumulate again after resetting.

In this guide, we explain jackpot online slot, so that players understand how jackpot in different games work, and how you should choose the jackpot online casino that suits you.

Types of Jackpot Online Slot

According to the difference between the slot machine brand and the operation of the online casino, Jackpot slot game is divided into several types of bonus accumulation, as follows:

Local Jackpots slot machine

Local Jackpots
The local jackpot will be entirely based on the player’s betting amount in a single online casino, and there will only be one prize. The amount of the bonus depends on the popularity (player numbers) of the casino. If the popularity is high and the jackpot accumulates quickly, players will easily get generous bonuses. But the disadvantage is that the competition is fierce and the chance of winning is relatively low.

Pooled Jackpots slot machine

Pooled Jackpots
This is where multiple online casinos and multiple machines go to the same jackpot. This type of bonus is amazing, ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of players. When players place bets on multiple machines in various places and time, the bonuses in all linked machines will be increased. When a player wins this jackpot slot, all machines on the link will be reset to default values. Because this kind of prize is huge, the draw time can be as short as several months and as long as several years. Players are looking forward to the moment when the prize is drawn!

Fixed Jackpots machine

Fixed Jackpots
This is a slot machine bonus mode that does not change the amount. The biggest feature is that it is not affected by the player’s bet amount. Each issue is given a fixed bonus to the player. The advantage is that it will not be affected by the flow of people, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to increase. Amount, suitable for players who like stability to choose.

Multiple Jackpots online slot machine

Multiple Jackpots
This is a slot machine with multiple jackpots. Usually there are 3~5 jackpots of different level in the same casino. These jackpots will be randomly triggered during the player’s game and will be announced in the announcement column of the online casino. Jackpots of this type are quite suitable for players who like to give frequent rewards. At HawkPlay and Nuebe Gaming there are three jackpots in the JILI slot machine!

How Jackpots Slot Machine Work?

There are many different ways to win in the jackpot slot. Usually divided into three types: Mystery Trigger, Event Trigger, and Must Hit By.

3 ways to know Jackpots slot work

Mystery Trigger refers to the possibility of winning prizes in the jackpots slot machine in every spin. No one knows how to activate the trigger, and it can be speculated that it may happen in a larger bet. Mystery Trigger can directly accumulate bonuses, or directly win, which depends on player’s luck.

Event Trigger will follow the rules of each slot machine. For example, a full set of jackpot symbols, or triggering free games with extremely high odds, that give players a chance to win jackpots, including jackpots, depending on the rules of the casino and slot machines.

Must Hit BY refer to a system where the jackpot will automatically be awarded to the player when the jackpot reaches a certain limit. For example, if the jackpot reaches 200,000 pesos, the player will be rewarded. Then the player must continue to bet before it reaches 200,000. The closer the limit number is, the more advantage the player has.

Regardless of the type of Jackpot slot machine, the player will require a certain amount of bet to qualify for the cumulative reward. It is very common. It usually requires the player to play the slot machine with their biggest bet to have a chance to win. If the player won the jackpot with less betting budget the bonus will also be smaller, and the player must read the rules clearly before placing a bet.

Best Jackpot Online Slot of the Year

So far you may be eager to try, after all, anyone can play the jackpot slot machine, and everyone has a chance to win the coveted jackpot. The important question now is: Which jackpot slot should we start with? Our expert team provides 10 popular online jackpot slots this year. You can start with these games:

List of best jackpot slot this year

How to Win the Jackpot Slot on Casino?

Although you want to win the jackpot slot from online casino, most of it depends on luck, but we do have some tips for you:

1. Play only a short period, don’t play for long
2. Know the rules clearly, you must follow game method, especially pay attention to the amount of bet
3. Try the demo slot machine first, don’t bet with real money right away
4. Find a safe and reliable casino to play
5. Choose a machine that meets your budget and increase the number of rotations as much as possible
6. You can choose a machine with higher than 96% RTP

Play Jackpot Slot at Online Casino

We will recommend the most popular JILI online slot in the Philippines. You can go to HawkPlay or Nuebe Gaming. These two are interesting jackpot online casinos, has thousands of slot machines and is divided into three jackpots, namely Grand Jackpot, Major Jackpot, Mini Jackpot, players can not only check the current prizes of the three jackpots, but also get different props cards with occasional slot machine activities, which is more helpful to win!


Unfortunately, no one knows when the slot machine will give out the jackpot, because online slot machines use random generators to determine the results, and through volatility to increase your chances of winning.

First, you need to know the types of jackpot slot machine. You can go directly to the website to see all the rules, or directly ask the online customer service to confirm all the rules, try the demo slot first, and then bet with real money.

RTP is the return to player, which means the money that the slot machine gives back to the player. The RTP of a general machine RTP will probably fall between 85% and 98%, the higher the value, the more beneficial to the players. We suggest that you can choose a slot machines with more than 96% RTP.

If the player wants to profit more than usual, of course you can challenge the jackpot slot machine, but most jackpot slot opportunities want the player to invest the highest bet to qualify for participation, so the player must evaluate and allocate their budget according on their own abilities.

Yes, but the free jackpot online slot machine does not allow you to get any money. It is a demo machine that allows you to try out all the symbols and functions in the game. But it is consider a good way to choose a good slot machine at the beginning.