JILI Fishing Hits the World and Easy to Play

Online fishing in JILI Games is the hottest online fishing in the world now. It is easy and quick to shoot the fish to die, and the odds are even up to 1200 times. Besides the famous slot game, JILI’s fishing game is also no worse than others.
It has a complete functional system for players. The gaming performance is as perfect as any other game in JILI, especially popular ones like Bombing Fishing, Jackpot Fishing, and Royal Fishing.
In the game, you can choose to use the high-destructive gun props to easily shoot down the big fish or other fish with a special bonus. In addition, the odds are also very high. The odds are promoted for purpose of giving back to the supporting members of JILI Games. To those new players, this is a great chance to gain rewards from online fishing.

How to Play JILI Fishing by 7 Tips?

What is online fishing and why JILI

The playing method of this game is simple, however, you can’t just shoot aimlessly because this will make you encounter the risk of loss if you are too careless. Thus, if you want to win the Jackpot through online fishing, you should consider it carefully. Our team has done the research and consider the comment from players who have earned a bundle of money from this game in the past about their techniques and skills. They are provided as below:

1. Allocate your budget clearly before you play the game. Stop playing it when you have lost a certain amount of money, and don’t be too greedy when earning money. Don’t lose your mind even if you lose the game.
2. You should choose the game that has weapons of killing fish easily, on large scale.
3. Think twice before you turn on the automatic shooting system, for it will keep shooting continuously. This will consume many bullets, but will not guarantee to have certain outcomes and rewards.
4. It is easier to get the points by shooting the smaller fish first. When you gain a certain amount of points, then you can shoot the fish with higher prize money.
5. Don’t shoot the fish that will quickly vanish from the screen. They are surely the ones that have been shot by other players but remain alive. Plus, they may not be a bonus from the system.
6. Place the bet of the finance that corresponds with your wallet. Choose the relating guns and bullets according to your finance and don’t pursue those powerful weapons on purpose.
7. Carefully research the odds of each fish to plan your budget before investing the bullets.

Best JILI fishing Games in JILI Games

The online fishing from JILI Games is viewed as the high odd rate game. Furthermore, it said by many players that the images and sound effects are in good quality. If you want to know more about the game, let our team introduce you to the three most popular fishing games in the world, as shown below.

1. Bombing Fishing

Bombing Fishing - online fishing in JILI

This is a new game, which has a different style and function comparing to other games. Even though it adopts the cartoon style, this makes the game lively and vivid. The odds of the top prize are up to 1200 times, and there are three rooms to choose from according to the amount of money you bet.
Happy Room, bets of 0.1 to 10 pesos
Dragon Room, bets of 1 to 80 pesos
Millionaire Room, bets of 10 to 100 pesos

2. Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing - online fishing in JILI

This is another hot choice of JILI Games. When you dive into the deep ocean, there are 27 kinds of fish that you can choose to shoot. There are also high-destructive weapons like electrical guns to use. When the points have accumulated to a certain goal, there will be 888 times of prize money paid in the Treasure Box. In this game, there are two rooms to choose from, including Millionaire Room and Millionaire Room VIP.

3. Royal Fishing

Royal Fishing - online fishing in JILI

It owns many merits, which is no worse than that of the two mentioned above. It will bring you as many joys as well. Besides JILI, you will not see this kind of game in other places.
The special point is that there are 30 kinds of fish for you to shoot, and the game has 8 special functions for players to use, with odds up to 350 times.